WAYPOINTS 2.0 on DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Tutorial (FW Update 0.300)

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Months after the release of the Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom and we finally have the “Waypoints 2.0″ intelligent flight mode added. It comes with the new 0.300 firmware update that fixes some bugs and improves stability of Mavic 2 drones. The waypoints feature itself is quite good, with plenty of options and settings to tweak in order to make it work for you. Watch this Mavic 2 Pro Waypoints 2.0 tutorial to see how waypoints work and I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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21 Replies to “WAYPOINTS 2.0 on DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Tutorial (FW Update 0.300)”

  1. Alan Boyle

    So no “visual line of sight” needed in your country when flying? Why not set waypoints when drone is on the ground to save battery? Sorry. Get out of your car and have your drone in sight when up in the air. Please set an example when you have so many followers. Thanks.

  2. David Zammit

    Hi Mike. Can you please help me out here. I am unable to manually control the gimbal whilst it's on a Waypoints mission. This is a very important feature for me as I would like to set the mission and manually control the gimbal according to the view seen in the camera. Is there any setting to enable this? Thanks Dave

  3. Oleg Korsak

    App (android) allows to create my route with 20 waypoints and 9 POI. But is unable to transfer it to Mavic 2 Pro. Looks like memory limit. Can you try such scenario? Also camera movement sucks sometimes when flying around POI through 2+ waypoints sticked to it

  4. MrWheatle

    Really helpful! Maybe a “fail” for you BUT truly informative for me. Helped me understand the value and application of WayPoints. I’m often studying rooftops. So your height selection sparked a lot of great ideas for me; WayPoints to capture rooftop gardens, pools, decks, solar arrays, and cell towers. Best lesson? Plan my WayPoints at home and save time in the field. Thanks!!

  5. BergFlyer


    Thanks for sharing your experience – very helpful!! Wow, what a powerful tool! Can’t wait to test it myself.

    Just wishing DJI would re-implement that good old course lock feature on the Mavic 2 I had with the old Mavic 1.

  6. Alex Pereira

    Can you tell me if we can take a picture while recording video ? It is not clear if we can actually do it. In the task there is an option to take picture but what it happens if we are already recording video ?

  7. Sebastian Moreno

    Mike, do you need to have the drone "ON" and/or up in the air to be able to set up waypoints? i ask cause on Litchi you can plan missions while the drone is OFF and even via the litchi flight hub on any computer/tablet which is pretty convenient. Thanks!

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