Waterproof Drone PowerEgg X by PowerVision

I’ve seen the Swell Waterproof drone at previous show, but this is the first time I’ve seen a live demo of a flying drone under a waterfall. PowerVision came out this year with a showstopper of a demo as they flew the new PowerEggX under running water. PowerVision was the company to the bring the large Egg shaped drone which seemed get more attention for it’s shape and not it’s capabilities. The egg is back but in a smaller form factor and also has a waterproof case option. Chris from PowerVision gives us a walk through of the new PowerEggX and its features. For the specs and prices of the new PowerEggX, check out the links below.

PowerEgg X Explorer AI Camera & Drone:
PowerEgg X Wizard Waterproof AI Camera & Drone:

Sony A6600:
Sony Alpha 16-55mm F2.8 G:
Sony A6400:
Sigma 16mm f/1.4:
Sony RX100 VII:
Freewell 67mm Variable ND 2Pack:
PolarPro Variable ND:
DJI Osmo Action Camera:
Rode Wireless Go:
Promaster Monopod:
SwitchPod Tripod: (discount code MAKETHESWTCH)

Epidemicsound Music Free Trial:





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31 Replies to “Waterproof Drone PowerEgg X by PowerVision”

  1. Tony Stagge

    Hey Aldryn. I've been looking for a drone to fly in the rain for a while. This one seems to fill most of my needs. Have you reviewed the Swell Pro or Gannett? My only hesitation on this one is the jpg-only limitation and the fact that extra batteries are not available. So many rainy days when I would like to be flying, but I'm sure you don't have that problem!!

  2. taz santiago

    Awesome drones too bad they don’t have any reasonable prices. 👎🏼
    Of course two years from now all the drones in this video would be like half price. 🤑👍🏼
    What really sucks is that 90% of the best drones out there I’ll come from China, which means
    It cost these companies about under 200 bucks to build them, then we get stuck with $1000 if we want it

  3. Roy Patterson

    Why don't you ever respond to any of your subscribers questions, like mine??? I've asked you a few questions now and you've never responded to any of them. I guess I should just unsubscribe.

  4. quick _dry

    wow, interesting little craft – but even including an extra battery in the extras pack that's one expensive clear plastic dome and pair of foam pieces! How long till the $30 generic unbranded waterproof housing from China becomes the housing people actually buy? (anyone use GoPro dive housings or the ebay/amazon cheapies?)

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