Watch This Before You Buy the DJI Phantom 4 – Hands on Review

Get the best price on the DJI PHANTOM 4 here: – THIS is also the SAFEST way to buy your Phantom 4 because Amazon’s return policy and ease of return is MUCH better than DJI. Save yourself the headache, DJI customer service is not very good, but their products are elite, go figure.

A look at the new DJI Phantom 4. This thing is awesome! In the video I test modes like Active Tracking, Tap to Fly, Point of Interest and more.

Check out my review of this case specifically designed for the new DJI Phantom 4:

The Phantom 3 Pro is also an amazing flying quad and has dropped almost 500 bucks since first released a year ago! I can’t believe the price drop on this thing. Check it out here:

The Phantom 3 Advanced is currently just $733:

And the DJI Standard is is under 500 bucks!

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25 Replies to “Watch This Before You Buy the DJI Phantom 4 – Hands on Review”

  1. Dennis K F Davis

    I have a problem mine just fall out the sky, the battery was good, it's not starting it's like the control not connected, like it looses power but again the battery have in power, what might cause that to happened ?

  2. George Montgomery

    This is the best drone yet that DJI had released.✨>JustU.Faith/DJI_Drone?亭 From the look to the all the function it offers, everything works as expected. The shiny material on Phantom 4 makes it looks a bit more luxurious but not cheap. Props attachment is a breeze now, just press an twist, faster and more secured. Even material for the prop is nice. The gimbal and camera is very compact and the 4k camera record stunning image. It flys great! Tested out the obstacle avoidance system and it works perfect. No more flying straight into buildings or tress. It is well worth the money. It is definitely an upgrade from Phantom 3 Pro.

  3. Dreadhawk and Cash

    It says it’s not water proof but my friends girlfriend crashed it in the ocean they found it with GPS took out battery and put it back in and it shot straight up out the water and still works

  4. N M

    Wonderful until it encounters problems. No support. $1500 doorstop unless I can find a sucker to buy it. If DJI entered the condom business there would be a population explosion.

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