Watch classic Volkswagens become beautiful electric cars

In Southern California, Zelectric will sell you an old Beetle or Microbus with an all-new electric motor inside — as long as you’ve got plenty of money.


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39 Replies to “Watch classic Volkswagens become beautiful electric cars”

  1. TerraMagnus

    I was so ready to do this until I saw the price. Too rich for my blood! I'm hoping some innovative folks keep pushing and pushing the costs down, the labor hours down, until it's within reach of many more people.

  2. Wet Mustard

    What a load of BS. Old vw's are not unreliable at all.

    60 – 130k?!?! For that money you can just completely restore the thing and it'll be even more reliable than the electric engine! And you'll get better range too!

  3. william moquete

    That’s a very good project but like 100 mile range with the Bug and 80 with the Bus is not useful, but i hope they will improve that for the future and get at least nearly 300 miles on both, by getting more efficient motors and batteries.

  4. Fredster

    Half of what a Classic Volkswagen is happens to be the SOUND-that beautiful recognizable air cooled 4 banger, singing the most wonderful tune as it moseys down the tarmac. Just sayin'.

  5. Richard Loveday

    is it just me…or did someone clone Brian Wilson 30 years ago…and have him come up with ANOTHER AWESOME IDEA!!!

    now can you do this with Airplanes too….piper pa 28R. ..where to re-engine is $55000….and it will still drop oil and valves! ; /

    where can I talk to the desist on makers…I want the dealerships for canada and Japan please…not kidding.

  6. Bill Jackson

    Hell at that price only silicon valley types would buy it trying to be cool ,somebody needs to compete against this guy, I have 71' bus and I'd like to do this, he's right thou old cars are unreliable big time., old cars have the lines ,but a lot of them to be rebuilt at 70,thousand miles, a lot of new cars look the same no style but are way more reliable better suspension to, handle way better 2..✌??❗

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