WATCH ACTIVE 2 vs. ACTIVE by SAMSUNG (Is it worth the upgrade) – Honest and In-Depth Comparison

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 worth the upgrade from the Active 1? which is better for the price? in this video, I compare these watches side by side in an honest and in-depth comparison.

Active 2:


Which to you like better? Comment your vote down below!


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27 Replies to “WATCH ACTIVE 2 vs. ACTIVE by SAMSUNG (Is it worth the upgrade) – Honest and In-Depth Comparison”

  1. RainyOverFlowers

    I didn't even notice that I got the Active 1 instead of the 2 (i did want the 2 originally) but thank you for the video because now seeing the differences, its not THAT different for me to desperately want to return my Active 1 for the 2 hahaha

  2. Trail Lady MTB

    My new active 1 does have touch bezel and came with two chargers as well, ..finding a second charger in box was a big bonus! and it was only $150.00. got it at SamsClub. It may have been a special buy for Sams club members.

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