Was This a Nintendo Switch Crowdfunding SCAM? | RGT 85

Crazy Justice looked to beat Fortnite to the punch on the Nintendo Switch has the first battle royale came on the Switch. Originally supposed to be released in June 2018, things have been quiet for Crazy Justice. So what happened? Was this a crowdfunding scam? Let’s investigate!

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  1. Chelsey Davidson

    Can we please stop calling failed products a scam? A Scam is a per-meditated or deliberate attempt to defraud someone with false promises or lies.

    Most crowdfunding campaigns aren't scams. They are failures. That doesn't mean anyone deliberately tried stealing people's money or not delivering. It means they over estimated their abilities, they didn't anticipate roadblocks or manufacturing/dev issues, or they ran out of money.

    Remember 80% of business fail. Crowdfunding, sadly, expedites these failures because it's injecting a huge amount of money into a company way to early. Unless the business team knows how to budget and use money efficiently, this, more often than not, is why these companies fail.

    And since most crowdfunding campaigns are ran by new business owners or inexperienced people – they don't know how to handle the money. Usually spending it in the wrong places – causing them to run out of money and not be able to finish the product on time or at all.

  2. ScarfFox and Friends

    They where banking on the fact that switch didn't have battle royal to sell it. When FortNite was release they realized that they actually need to make it more interesting then previously before so it'll stand out more compared to what's currently offered now.

  3. Chad Whittier

    Yo RGT 85 bro im not liking this type of video ur style u just expressing ur opinion naturally and the editing and and wutever made u choppy and monotone i watch u everyday just stick with wut u do best but once in a while is cool yuh know if u got an itch or wutever but dont change the format to it plz, later

  4. Voltaire Slapadelic

    I like the scripted format I think you'll get used to it and it will sound more natural, my only tip would be to try and memorize at least some of it so that it sounds more natural when you read

    I record vocals all the time and it helps me not sound like I'm reading

    I think a lot of people in the comments on your videos never really had a problem with your old format, though, and are mostly giving criticisms about the long, repetitive intros and annoying song

    definitely not trying to hate, at all

  5. Anon YMouse

    Crowdfunding needs accountability. There needs to be punishment for not delivering. The way to achieve this is by requiring a deposit the company is required to give up if it does not meet very specific promises made to the crowd. This properly aligns incentives. By aligning incentives and eliminating scams, the public will trust crowdfunding / pre-pay initiatives as much, if not more, than post-paying for goods and services. This will allow companies to cut costs on financial services, analytics, etc. and pass the savings on to consumers.

    The deposit may need crowdfunding as well, but this should be a separate funding cycle than the consumer crowdfunding we see on sites like Kickstarter. More like crowdinvesting, the crowd can fund the deposit in exchange for a return on investment. They need to be properly compensated for taking a risk. The average Kickstarter funder / consumer doesn't necessarily want to take on these risks, they just want to fund projects they like. But they're forced to do so anyway, and they shouldn't have to.

    Make it happen.

  6. Ryan Dann

    He doesnt read as monotone as yong yea. That guy literally is face in the camera droning out his script. Rgt is starting to look like sway from mtv with his hair puffing out his winter hat.

  7. th3SyLvEsTeR

    There's nothing wrong with the way you choose to organize your videos, however it feels like there are too many run on sentences and you barely give yourself a chance to breathe, doing this without giving your listeners a break begins to wear them down which is why so many people are beginning to comment on the way you have been delivering videos as of late, this type of script reading should be revised and edited so you don't sounds as if you're about to run out of breath, also, I'm sure this sentence is starting to overstay its welcome so i will stop attempting to give advice on what you should do since I am not a content creator myself

  8. Jreading P

    good video – in depth i like – copying spawn wave i kinda dislike but you more entertaining than hm so don't mind. we sub cos of your "mate" style of chatting – facts are a bonus – i wanna learn about games and from a mate – you do it! out of hundreds of channels i keep coming back to rgt and you are relatable to me dude – i have beard! lol

  9. Teddy M

    Well.. I actually sorta feel sorry for them.. obviously the shock fortnite announcement crushed them like the cockroach they are (Mr wonderful). That said, they have to refund every single person who has backed the switch version if it doesn't get released.

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