Vu Premium Android 4K 55 inch TV Review | Better than MiTV 4X 55 inch??

After using the Vu Premium Android 4K 55 inch TV for 20 days here is my review of the TV. Also in the video, I have compared the Vu 55inch TV to the Xiaomi MiTV 4X wherever possible.

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30 Replies to “Vu Premium Android 4K 55 inch TV Review | Better than MiTV 4X 55 inch??”

  1. Thakur ADITYA SINGH

    Guys Who Are worried About The Type Of promblem Is The Prime video I Got The Solution Of It Just Go And Download Aptoide App That Is The Andriod Tv Version App From There You Can Get Amazon Prime Video

    But .But.But.But.But

    I Have The problem Of Netfix In my Android Tv VU Any Body Can Who Suggest Me TO How To Download It WithouT Facing Any Type Of Lacking .Picture .Etc promblem In My Tv

  2. Ishan Emy

    i bought this tv last wed….but my soundbar bluttoth not detect …with this…and comapny said its 5.0 …to nho hoga….mi k led mai sb chalta hau smoothly……..nd iska android update bhi nhi aya hua abhi tak…last june ka security patch hai….uska bhi compny ko kuch nhi pta..

  3. Super Mike

    Request you to kindly confirm the actual dimensions of 55inch VU premium android TV with stand…i feel the size given in the specifications is incorrect. Hence please help me out.

  4. Praveen Kumar

    Hi, im but concerned for this TV.. im getting a boxed shadow on light greyish screen.. did you find something similar in your TV? You can see it clearly on app loading screen like YouTube loading screen.. can you check and confirm?
    If you want there are few images shared on Flipkart in low rating reviews.. kindly help.. thank you

  5. Harmandeep Saggu

    Can you please confirm if 43 or 50 or 55 inch model is supporting 4K@60 Chrome Subsampling 4:4:4 or not?
    I plan to use this TV mostly as PC monitor, so chroma subsampling is important.

    Display this image when connected to PC 4K@60hz to see whether 4:4:4 support is there or not

  6. Chandra Singh

    I got this Vu TV as gift for parents from TV stopped working after a month. FlipKart support said, can't help as it more than 30 days of buying and asked me to contact Vu support. Looks like I lost INR 37000. Don't waste your money on these crap product.

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