5 Replies to “VLOG 2017 Chevy Bolt EV 1 Year Update”

  1. Chaz Smith

    Thanks for doing the review. Ours will be one year old this coming November 11th. We're not being mileage drivers and we have a lease that restricts us to 10,000 miles per year. I expect we'll have around 8,000 miles or maybe a bit less at that point. So far so good and it has gone on a couple of open a hundred mile trips. Coming from the Nissan Leaf, I felt at the ride of the bolt was a bit harsh. I have heard that Chevy did something to the 2019 to smooth it out a bit. I've also read a lot of people felt that the seats weren't comfortable and that Chevy did something to try to improve that for the 2019 model. Since we don't do a lot of long trips, we haven't had a problem with the comfortableness of the seats. I've discovered that I really like driving the car in the L mode. I've also discovered that the hilltop charging mode works just fine for us. The car still showing well over 200 miles of range even stopping the charge at 88 to 90%. I also like the way that it gets on my nerves you the trans up or down and a range of miles. I think that's a lot more useful and then it's significantly more accurate than the Leaf's guessometer.

  2. Jesse Lee

    InCharge DIY, you've talked about all the savings. People have told me that after purchasing their electric car, their household electric bill has increases by about $50 per month, not sure it that is true or not. Can you give us a little in dept on your electrical bills, before and after purchasing your electric car…. thank you

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