9 Replies to “VLOG: 2017 Chevy Bolt EV – 1 Month of Ownership”

  1. Bruce Allen

    I have a 2 month old '18 Bolt Premier….it has been flawless. Paint and interior are perfect. Sorry you have issues. Mine was built in June of this year…perhaps the build quality is better?

  2. Angelo Mastrando

    Really? Dude, you are one of those people that would say its not a reliable vehicle if the radio didn't work well. Paint and being flush against the dash should be your least worries. The car mechanics and maintenance is what reviewers want to see…. (Omg a stone hit my car now its unreliable )

  3. J gossy

    Its a mass produced car, made on an assembly line, there are bound to be parts that don't fit like a Porsche.
    You should have been around in the 70's, to see what passed for cars then, compared to a 70's car this is a work of art.

  4. Jamel Moore

    That's the thing with GM: it's always the small details they overlook and neglect! That's what keeps me looking at the competition!
    Otherwise, this is a great option in the all-electric vehicle segment! Despite its flaws, I'd actually consider one of these if I were in the market.

  5. Thomas Riley

    Outside of the issues you pointed out. Would you recommend the Bolt? I'm interested in buying the EV since it's affordable. Is the DC fast charging, and Level 2 charging close to accurate information provided by GM? Whats the maximum range you experienced while driving the Bolt?

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