25 Replies to “Vizio smart cast TV does not turn on FIX repair”

  1. cochino gaming

    I also have a 2017 75” 4K vizio smart cast and it did the same turns on with sound but black screen but can also see the background with a flash light …it’s very dim and pulses between barley visible and dark could it be the light strips or the power board ?

  2. caleb clements

    I have a Vizio that just stopped working. When I turn on the power, the bottom left light comes on and then fades away after a few seconds. I tried the flashlight and didn't see anything on the front of the screen – should I start with replacing the power board?

  3. Quantumtorch

    Same issue with a E420-A0 model, just no image at all, light still comes on and then fades. Going to try and order a powerboard and replace it. Where would you recommend purchasing the board from?

  4. Dave Kazim

    Good video Diego, you might want to explain that if the power board is tested and found to not have any faults, that the problem is likely the LED lighting in side the tv! This is actually the more common scenario that I have seen with Vizio. I have even seen a power supply be bad and the led lighting also be bad/ short. Dave 503-850-7848 TV Tech 4 Less!

  5. Kyle Schwanz

    I’ll never buy another vizio, had two shit the bed 5 years, the $2500 p series I naught at launch only lasted two year.. the M series replacement they sent me only lasted 3 years. I’ll see if I can fix it before throwing it out.

  6. J K

    I’ve got a Vizio 50” P502ui-B1. I can get full audio, but no screen. Tried the flashlight test but can’t see anything. When I turn the TV on, the LED whites power indicator at the bottom left will turn on, then fade away. At other times when I power on and try to access the menu, for example (which I can’t do) that LED power indicator will blink on and off for maybe 5-10 seconds and then stop. I’ve tried the soft reset – doesn’t work. Tried the hard reset but challenging to do with the remote without being able to see the screen. Thoughts?

  7. tynie626

    i have a month old Vizio that keeps turning itself off randomly. sometimes it will turn back on immediately, other times it won't turn on and i'll have to let it sit for a while before it responds and turns on. do you think i might have the same issue?

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