vizio 55 inch smart tv no sound diagnosis

woke up to no sound on my vizio smart T.V. here are a few suggestions to look at and diagnose. I will change the main board that has the amplifier IC on it. you can fix this by buying a sound bar and switching from T.V. speakers to FIXED speakers and using a outside source. product sold here.

you can also learn how to diagnose and repair a TV with no sound and picture

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  1. my2centz

    I'm so aggravated I can't find any info for my problem. My TV speakers go in and out. The value buttons work and the surround sound system works so it's not useless but it sounds better with the TV speakers included plus sometimes I just want the TV speakers. It's my spare main room TV and it is old but unfortunately I purchased an LG TV a little over a year ago and a few of the LED's burned out and I haven't gotten around to changing them yet. Why would it work most of the time go off for a few seconds to minutes then come back and continue to do this?

  2. Jay Obrine

    Matt, The amp should be powering the speakers with AC and not DC power [voltage]. To have that much DC power [voltage] going to the speakers, your decoupling or filtering capacitors are probably shorted out allowing the DC current to pass through them and not block them. Speakers work on AC voltage. This allows the cone in the speakers to move in and out to create sound.

  3. Daniel Murphy

    Hi Matt, thanks for all the info. I just got a used Vizio E371VA (2010) from Goodwill. Set it up; Video OK – looks good. No sound. Turned on speakers, reset sound to factory settings. Still no sound. Suggestions? I still have the receipt from Goodwill. I could return it. Is it worth the time and money to repair? Suggestions? I don't have an Ohm meter and don't have the skills you have at present. Thanks!

  4. H0wlingFantod

    My Vizio has picture and no sound, except there is no sound coming from any of the audio out jacks, either (including RCA and optical). I wish the video went another 2 minutes to explain what to do then.

  5. Jason Jasuale

    Matt shaughnessy, my 55" Visio sound is no longer working☹. I bought a sound bar, but still nothing. I know the sound bar is good because it worked on my other tv. What can this be? PLEASE HELP!!

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