Virtual Bart Completed No Death Snes

No-commentary gameplay of Virtual Bart. Super Nintendo. Usa Version. Game completed without dying in any level. Played with Snes9x 1.52. No tools, cheats, autofire, re-recording or save states were used.

Oh God, this was hell. Virtual Bart can be considered, in some way, the sequel to Bart’s Nightmare. It was also developed by Sculptured Software and released by Acclaim in 1994.

The gameplay is quite similar, being the game composed by different mini games, although this time there is no main world to access the diferent stages (only the roulette).

Like in the previous game, graphics are nice, but the music is quite bad, as well as the playability. Most mini games are quite lame and boring, being the “tomato throwing” stage, the only one I found entertaining (and is the simplest one).

The game is hard. Quite hard. And if you aim for a no-death run you depend a lot on luck, because there are many random things that make this quite difficult to achieve.

The roulette’s tendency is random so you cannot really select the stage you want EXCEPT on the first try. I always choose the water slide stage (just push the button when Bart’s head is facing the pig) because is the one that depends more on luck than skills.

There are more random things that I will explain in the captions, but even knowing the game by heart (as was my case), there are things that can kill you by just pure randomness.

You can also obtain a game over if you get out of tries in the roulette and you can’t do nothing against it, because is completely RANDOM. You can see in 22:15 that I lost one of my tries in the roulette, as it is explained in the captions: “I don’t consider this as a death because it’s totally random. You can’t do anything against it. I was even lucky because this was the only time it happened in the whole gameplay”.

I think that this is probably the hardest Simpsons game. The Megadrive/Genesis version is even worse, but it is faster and easier (the only stage that it’s harder is the motorcycle level).

In general terms, a not very good game that is really difficult.

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  1. Skyler Durden

    Thank you this was fun to watch. I could pass individual levels, I believe I passed each level on their own, but I was never able to pass all the levels together. Barts Nightmare was definately easier.

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