3 Replies to “Video Review CyberBike for the Nintendo Wii”

  1. MentorOfMinos

    @OzgamingNews What I want to know is what is the maximum weight it supports, how tall is too tall, etc. I'm a 6'4" man and I'm willing to bet the thing doesn't have a long enough seating post for me to avoid looking like some punk skater on a bike 5 sizes too small for him.

  2. MentorOfMinos

    Agreed with drapermovies: gym at my old university had stationary bikes with little view screens and a built in program where you could select different biking paths and if you went uphill, it was much harder to pedal, and down hill was a cakewalk. You could, of course, also set resistance on the bike itself, so you could "cheat" the system, but if you were serious about a work out, you'd pick your setting and stick to it for the whole course.

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