Video Game Consoles that FAILED the Hardest

Video Game Consoles that FAILED the Hardest

Not all consoles are created equally, and there are a lot of terrible and failed consoles out there. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean that all failed consoles are terrible, I mean why did the Dreamcast fail? 🙁

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35 Replies to “Video Game Consoles that FAILED the Hardest”

  1. MrPeterpiper1969

    The Dreamcast failed because it was ahead of its time. Back then the internet had only just got started and broadband still didn't exist. Much like laserdisc failed where VHS succeeded the Dreamcast was a jump too far too soon imo. It's a shame because I had one for a while and it was truly awesome but it never got the support from outside developers or console buyers that it deserved.

  2. Dylan Rivera

    The best word I can use for the 3DO is arrogant. It mocked the SNES and Genesis, claiming them to be for babies. Well those two are now 2 of the most beloved consoles of all time while the 3DO has become a joke. A perfect example of twice the pride double the fall.

  3. Ghosst182

    WatchMojo does two top ten failed game consoles. Then trying to branch out into needless channel saturation, their child channel makes another failed consoles list just changing the title and the emphasis on failure. Talk about failure. You guys are literally recycling content.

  4. Kenny Anderson

    Don"t agree with your statement about the Jaguar, it had 2 32 bit processors one for sound and one for video. The problem was is it had a Motorola GPC that was just for controlling how these 2 32-bit chips worked together. Because of developers familiarity with the Motorola chip (only 16 bit) they opted to ignore the new 32 x 2 chips leaving games running in a 16-bit format off the Motorola GPC. If developers had done their due diligence and programmed the system to its true potential I dont think it would have been such a market failure. It had great games and, best processing power for its time but, because most of its 3rd party games looked as good as a Sega Genesis or a Super Nintendo it didnt look like an appealing upgrade. Although it did fail more than likely because of Atari's lack of training to its developers and poor QC control on 3rd party games it did have true potential to be a great system.

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