VeraEdge ▾ Getting Started ▾ How To

Marc walks you through the unboxing of the VeraEdge, getting hooked up, connected to the web and walks you through the setup process. Vera UI7 ▾ Adding a Z-Wave Device ▾ How To would be the next video for you to watch after this one.

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  1. Amanda Horne

    LOVE IT!>>>   I have 5 controllers (3 veras, 1 smart hub and 1 homeseer) at different locations. The VERA is the easiest to use of all of them. It is also the most user friendly, very easy to set-up, program and adjust as needed. The iPhone app also recently improved which was great. I am going to replace the other two controllers with a Vera controller this year. It is also the ONLY controller you can remotely set door codes and restrict the access times (at the moment). Highly recommend!

  2. Penny Alexander

    I have tried to hook this zwave up and it won't communicate with my wifi. It constantly says its off line and to recheck all my connections. Well, I spent 6 hrs fiddling with this thing and really frustrated. Tonight, my son in law who is a computer person spent several hours still we couldn't get it to go off line. We pushed both buttons on the front, reset it, etc and nothing. Still says offline. What should I do

  3. Menghini

    How do disable protocols i don´t use, like Zigbee, bluetooth etc etc? Can´t find it anywhere… Bluetooth is the real problem, cause it took me about 30 minutes to find a vulnerability and take controll and running localhttp commands. It´s not so mutch a problem with the vera itself it´s the unsecure bluetooth protocol… but it´s very important that i can disable it.

  4. Daniel Shaolin


    Is there any way of connecting the Vera Edge to a router via Wifi so I can lock the Vera Edge away in a cupboard. I need this so that guests at my rented apartment cannot tamper with the Vera thus disabling the remote capabilities.

    Kind regards,


  5. David Fischer

    I've had the Vera Lite for a few years now and have never had a problem. I love it. I just found out that Logitech is now offering a hub extender for the Ultimate remote that works with Vera system (which is wierd that it took them soo long cause they used to make remotes with built in z-wave like the Harmony 890 like 8 years ago). My question is, will this new Logitech Harmony Home Hub Extender work with my Vera Lite, or do I have to replace my unit to a Vera Edge. I haven't even visited the Vera website in years since I set up my original Vera Lite. Everything has worked perfect for years, not sure if i wanna jinx it and replace it. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  6. Chris West

    Is there a video (or documentation) that shows how to pair z-wave devices, such as light switches, by using the button on the VeraEdge instead of using the web browser?  I don't want to have to walk around the house to all the light switches while holding both the Edge and a computer.

  7. Steve Kuehner

    I wish the Vera edge I just bought worked with the aeon 4 in 1 sensors. They worked fine in my Vera lite. Tech support couldn't get them working on the edge either. I guess I'll be returning the Vera edge. So much for the supported +1200 devices when it can't support existing popular devices on the Vera lite.

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