Vera UI7 ▾Marc's New House ▾ Bathroom Under Construction

Marc’s bathroom is being renovated, his wife is beyond happy! Marc has the opportunity bring more Vera integration into his life and he’s looking for your ideas of what he should do.

You can email him at

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  1. Emilio Panighetti

    In one bathroom, we're using Stelpro baseboard thermostat that works great. Turn it to 70F when the lights are on (Vera scene trigger) and 50F (above freezing) when the lights are off. For the fan, I trigger it on when the shower lights are on, and off when any light in the bathroom is off. For bathroom lighting, I prefer LEDs in the 2700K to 3000K range, make sure they're dimmable. Lots of vanity LEDs are not dimmable. Definitely get a separate shower light switch. I prefer the bathroom fan with no light and use two 5" can lights instead. makes much better lighting. For the fan in our last bathroom we used Panasonic with 6" duct. The standard duct is 4", but with a 6", there is much less air noise. It's a noticeable difference. For the shower we used 2 4" can with shower cover and make sure the LED lights are rated for damp or wet.

  2. j jacko

    Marc – having the capability to have the bathroom lights vary in intensity based on the time of day, e.g. when it the middle of the night have the lights come on to 40%. ideas for topics would include gateway devices that DIY could build using Raspberry PI or ESP8266, ESP32.

  3. Martin Seredich

    I would suggest some accent lighting behind the mirror or under the vanity. You could to a motion trigger during evening hours for the " middle of the night" trips. The accent lighting is a lot easier to deal with when you are half asleep. I don't know about in the bathroom, but I am interested in learning how to control RGB strip light with the Vera.

  4. Lee Chee Hong

    1.Music add a sonos, voice controlled via alexa dot.
    2.light on when enter light off when exit.
    3. temperature control
    4. some rgb lights maybe….

    actually i am interested in item 2. currently mine is configured with a motion sensor…wondering is there any better ways. as my light turns off when no motion is detected but i am still inside…hehe sitting down……

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