Vera UI7 ▾ Tips & Tricks ▾ Z-Wave

This is the first in a new series of videos where Marc focuses and helping you get the most out of your Vera Controller and gets into some of the more technical aspects of UI7.

6 Replies to “Vera UI7 ▾ Tips & Tricks ▾ Z-Wave”

  1. bethany saura

    Love this controller>>>   I'm a bit of a niche user since I primarily use this as a bridge to Home Assistant, so I don't use the smartapp much except for adding devices and managing lock codes, but it definitely gets the job done. Its not as polished as some others, and I have run into a few bugs, none that I couldn't work around though. The best aspects of this unit for me are its ability to run locally without an internet connection and being able to use it with Home Assistant. The hardware itself is great, and Vera support is excellent if you ever need it. Would buy again.

  2. Ranjan Shukla

    Trying to Add Generic Device – Door Sensor in Vera Edge UI7. However, only option we get in using scene is Z-Wave device is On/ Off. No options to find trigger such as Door sensor is Armed or Not. Kindly, provide suggestions

  3. LittleDude -

    What if I buy 3 or 4 VeraPlus devices and put each one in a place, what should the process be here ? Can I connect each VeraPlus device via Ethernet cable together ? or the Ethernet port in VeraPlus devices is for connecting to the router only ?

    If I bought 4 VeraPlus devices for example, do you think that there will be compatible problems when they working at the same time? because I heard that each VeraPlus device create mesh network, so we have here 4 mesh network right ?

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