Vera UI7 ▾ Adding Cameras ▾ How To

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  1. Danette DIakogiannis

    Totally awesome device>>>  I received this on 5/29, and had it up and running immediately. Sent an email to their support people to ask about how to set up scene's and schedules, and they responded and set up time to call me. They called right on time, and walked me through the set up process for scenes. They are excellent to work with, and so very helpful. I would definitely recommend this product (and have advised my family to buy this as well). Extremely happy customer……

  2. Len Ricupero

    I have a foscam 8910 and ive tried to connect this camera up so many ways and I cant get it to work but people are using them ..What am I doing wrong…The ip address isn't showing up in the list on the vera ..

  3. jason luty

    first I wanted to say I love my vera lite, it has been an amazing amount of fun and a great addition to our house. I have two vista cam pt in my home, it says that it can pick up audio but when I hooked it up and added it to my system it has not been able to pick up audio> Any suggestions how to fix this?

  4. Marco Montero

    I have a Vera plus model and I´m planning to purchase a Hikvision cameras, this cameras comes with their own NVR video recorder. I want to have one single app to access anything on my house, so I was wondering if is it possible to access the cameras from Vera app but in the same time to record all the cameras in the NVR recorder?

  5. Kevin and Darina S

    Marc, if we have cameras that can send static JPEG or streaming (video) which URL should we choose? I have several cameras added but always get the Vera popup when viewing "You are seeing the video in emulation mode".

  6. Todd Ricks

    Do you no longer support a pan and tilt camera? I looked on your website and it says the vistacam PT is no longer available. I recently preordered the veraplus and was hoping to tie a few outdoor cameras to it and had hoped to have at least one pan and tilt.

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