VALORANT – Best Of TSM Drone #2

VALORANT – Best Of TSM Drone #2

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29 Replies to “VALORANT – Best Of TSM Drone #2”

  1. ja

    * 0:01 molly+flash sequence ascent attack A main – Bing
    * 1:29 wall+flash sequence bind attack B hookah – Bing
    * 2:42 flash over the wall on ascent mid bottom – Bing
    * 3:38 flashing out of smoke – Bing
    * 4:13 so if he's really low health, he does use molly/wall to self heal (being alive is more important than having abilities); put up wall and turn around, so vision isn't messed up – Bing
    * 5:10 flash out of cypher's cage; uses abilities while ulting – Bing
    * 7:10 recon then sit in smoke – Bing
    * 7:25 ascent attack B main: flash sequence + map control for post plant positions – Bing
    * 7:43 ascent defense mid cubby: flash sequence – Bing
    * 8:14 flash haven defense A heaven – Bing

  2. caro baez

    alo realmente buen video me gustaria que continuen haciendo contenido de la misma calidad¡¡¡!!! Voy a seguir mirando sus creaciones. Les mando un beso nos estamos viendo ☝️👍🏽

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