Using Google Home Hub to view Arlo Pro/Q live camera feed response time

17 seconds – Arlo Pro – 15ft away from Arlo hub
18 seconds – Arlo Pro – 20ft away from Arlo hub 1 floor below
20 seconds – Arlo Q – 20ft away from Wi-Fi router
More convenient way to check my cams instead of app or my nVidia Shield Android TV

14 Replies to “Using Google Home Hub to view Arlo Pro/Q live camera feed response time”

  1. Toilet Paper

    I'd really like to see someone with the Arlo doorbell paired to a camera and connected to Google Assistant to see if they can get the display to show front door when Arlo doorbell is pushed…

  2. Steve Arnett

    I have about a 12-15 second video feed delay with my Arlo camera when streaming to the home hub. Are experiencing this? It is NEVER live as they would advertise (which sucks because we wanted to use it as a screen for a baby cam). I believe I have exhausted every trouble shooting option. It's not a WiFi signal/speed issue either.

  3. Danny T

    Any comments from Nest cam owners if the response time is faster like in the advertising? Seems just as "fast" viewing Arlo cam on the Amazon Echo Show and viewing from my nVidia SHIELD from my TV. Wish it can auto display on motion or review my video library from the Google Home Hub. BTW the charcoal Google Hub is awesome!

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