Understanding Drones

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Brian heard about immersion therapy but skipped all of the parts about relaxing yourself and building up to the fear. Instead, he invited Kelly over to surrounded himself with “killer drones,” and that he would “re-define what a ‘drone strike’ meant.”
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Additional Information
Legal implications of shooting a drone

Night Flying – A Detailed Look At The Rules In the USA

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29 Replies to “Understanding Drones”

  1. The Modern Rogue

    Have you told a friend about the show yet?
    Congrats to the winners of last week's Butterfly Bottle Opener giveaway: Kaden Furr, Ryan Mecklenborg, Andrew Kenny (we will contact you via email within the next two weeks)
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  2. Paracosmonaut

    Search and Rescue Drone Operation on the World HQ Grounds. Locate stranded scattered parties, or individuals, by FLIR. and drone dropping emergency items.

    Maybe an episode with Roto Riot, or other Drone Groups, to defeat low flying drones, with various methodes on a combat race course. Drone pursuits. Drone Combat Golf, with active Hazards, drone riot disposal. Drone less then lethal access denial measures. Swarm Drone Competition. Drone Scavenger Hunt/Rescue Area Survey. Both Thermal, STAR scope night vision. Small hot spots. Cold patches.

  3. Calin Nita

    Whenever they talk about how injury-prone Brian is I always picture him putting his hand through a meat grinder while asking "Is this running?" just before he starts screaming his lungs out

  4. Corbin Garrett

    I don't know if I've talked about it on this channel before, but I live in southern Utah and last year we had a really bad wildfire, someone was flying a drone close to the fire (I assume to film it) and this prevented the fire fighting planes and choppers from actually fighting the fire. It was really a bad deal.

  5. Danny Hampton

    Lol he is so afraid of catching the drone while the guys and girls on SV Delos channel hand catch their drone while on a yacht that is moving lol. FliteTest is a great channel to watch for RC flight stuff. They do mostly really cheap easy to get into foam board plane builds but sometimes do reviews of manufactured stuff. And they are always using a drone to do chase camera work.

  6. 05Matz

    The whole geofencing / Eurion (or other camera-shutdown patterns) / cellphone killswitch signals / laser printer dot patterns / key-escrow schemes or other encryption bans / whatever DRM technological sabotage regimes need to die, without exception. All companies practising or advocating them need to go out of business, and I'd do whatever I could to increase the chance that happens. I'm sorry for their workers, but the issue is simply that important. Even though this video was very interesting, I had to "dislike" because you (being people who should know about the whole "crypto wars" politics) didn't challenge him on the dangerous BS he was spewing.
    Governments (or secret collaborations of manufacturers) can't be trusted with the authority to backdoor hardware and software, because this increases complexity, causes accidents and inefficiencies, and inevitably leads to attempts to ban open-source software and hardware. The government should be able to punish people who have been proven in a fair court to have committed a crime, not to backdoor technology people rely upon.
    It's also just too tempting for scope creep — once you have a root account and computer vision software on most or all relatively recent (for example) digital video cameras "for the purpose of preventing money from being photographed" or whatever, it's tempting to update internet-connected ones with a script that phones home when the FBI #1 Most Wanted shows up on facial recognition during some kind of national crisis. Then the other agencies demand their slice, cameras to go dead conveniently during a sensitive operation here, hijacking of cameras near a suspected criminal there, and you get the kind of culture of entitlement that created the excesses of the NSA.
    It also naturally leads to jailbreaking or otherwise running custom software on your own stuff being criminalized, which is both morally wrong and causes security research to grind to a halt, making everybody worse off.

    I will never knowingly pay money for, recommend, or give away any product that contains DRM or other antifeatures.

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