Unboxing the next OnePlus phone – World Exclusive!

Full Unboxing of the new OnePlus Nord CE – including a Jet, a sports car and a couple of extra surprises! (Sponsored by OnePlus, all opinions are my own). Experience OnePlus Nord CE 5G from £299/€299 at & join their Core Sales offer to receive early delivery from 14th June!

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49 Replies to “Unboxing the next OnePlus phone – World Exclusive!”

  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Very different to my usual videos, but hope you enjoyed this one! Couple of notes:
    1. The final edit of this was done by us, but the original cut was done by a team hired by OnePlus, hence the audio sounding a bit different, and the quality being 1080p instead of our usual 4k.
    2. This resolution isn’t doing the Nord’s camera too much justice, it IS good for the price.
    3. The box does also come with a pretty nice clear case, but this part of the unboxing was chopped.
    4. This video was sponsored, but my condition was that all opinions remain my own

  2. danteelite

    I know he works for the company, but I do like the ideas this guy was selling..
    No one wants to pay extra for a gimmick they might use twice, too many phone companies want a big hook.. something catchy to convince people to buy.
    It seems like they genuinely just wanted to make a useful phone at a price people could actually afford and I think that’s awesome.
    The only gimmicks I’ve ever actually used with frequency were my spen on my notes (almost daily) and my old HTC Evo had a kickstand built in which seems crazy now for a phone so small by today’s standards. (I actually used the hell out of that stand, and I loved fidgeting with it and it never got loose or broke. Go HTC!) But like he kept saying “day to day” I just want YouTube and texting to work and occasionally take decent pics of my dog. That’s it.

  3. danteelite

    Everyone talking about Aruns screaming, while I’m over here thinking: “He’s really gesticulating with that phone right next to a perfectly phone sized hole in the window a single wrist flick away… yeah, you better hold on to that phone!”

  4. Eradic

    So are we just not going to talk about how incredibly insightful that interview was? OnePlus gotta be top 5 phone companies for how cool they are to open disclosure and exclusives like this.

  5. George Henry Moore

    Lol, under FAQs on their site:
    "If my deposit refundable? "
    Why do these companies never seem to check their websites for typos that make the whole "trying to look professional and reliable" a lot less convincing?

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