Unboxing The New 65" Sony Android TV (4K Ultra HD)

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Sure we’ve seen unboxing videos before but rarely of this magnitude. Join us as we watch the SGNL by Sony team take on Sony’s new 64.5″ (diag) X850C Android TV ( 4K Ultra HD) just in time for the model hitting doorsteps. It took two people to completely set it up. From two remotes, the many ports even the Android TV set up – SGNL doesn’t miss a detail. So if you’re curious just how easy it is to set up a large TV or want to geek out, it’s a video not to be missed.
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22 Replies to “Unboxing The New 65" Sony Android TV (4K Ultra HD)”

  1. TheGazzaful

    Just come from Curry’s saw this TV the picture was amazing !!!! I didn’t get fooled into watching the special display that they have for the TVs I made sure I got into the you tube channel !!!! They were selling it for £799:99. Worth it!

  2. Dárcio Gonçalves

    I hate the Sony brand and its support!
    I bought a smart TV (KD-55X8505B) A few years ago, and recently the Smart TV has become a "dumb TV "! All because of the end of the contract with the company that supports the VEWD TV Store service, and now I can not install any other application

    After contact with customer support, I was not presented any solution, just confirmed what I already knew

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