Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G:

Today I’m unboxing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G! This 6.9in screen version of the Note 20 features the all new S Pen, huge battery, 108mp rear camera and 5G capabilities. Check out my full Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G unboxing to learn more!

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46 Replies to “UNBOXING The $1300 SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G”

  1. saro mb14

    Nice glossy white instead of glossy black, yes, because I think that after we play a cellphone with a white glossy material, we won't accidentally see fingerprints on the back of the glossy body, but if it's glossy white it will smother with our fingerprints, because the color is like milky white. Compared to dark colors like black, our fingerprints will appear because the fingerprints are translucent, but if you mix them black, you will see if you get a lot of sunlight even though the glossy body is black. you try to be logical🤗🤔😉

  2. Sesebon

    I'm quite surprised this "might be" the first time you're using a Note as a daily driver – being a designer as you mentioned. You'll definitely enjoy having this phone! I've been using it since note 2 😀

  3. An Gh

    It’s weird that you can get a MacBook Air cheaper than this and a base MacBook Pro. Honestly, I would just buy those options however, if you want a flagship phone, it’s a pretty good buy.


    pls tell me 😍

    If I order note 20 ultra from USA or KOREA (unlocked version)

    Will I get trouble in future (software updates ) bcs I'm living in Srilanka (Asia) and we have only 4g networks

    And I want snapdragon❤ version so pls reply me🙏🙏😊😊😇😇

  5. Kenneth raiford

    wow you got a galaxy phone this will be your best phone you ever had welcome to the best phone of 2020. it will take you along time to get to know the note phones casue samsung has so many features been a note user since thr note 2 and never looked backed or wanted no other phone

  6. Asian Jesus

    Love your content bro
    Sad thing is I’m too broke for anything on your channels(sneakers, tech)
    But I still love watching ur videos just cuz they’re dope
    Keep up the work 😁Love from Swirzerland

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