Unboxing LG UHD 86” TV & Mounting with Sanus Advanced Tilt Wall Mount

Quick video on our new TV installation. TV and mount are linked below

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34 Replies to “Unboxing LG UHD 86” TV & Mounting with Sanus Advanced Tilt Wall Mount”

  1. Fjones1914

    I chose a wall mount that extends, tilts and rotates.
    Bought it online for $50.
    It makes installation way easier and allows for more movement when wanting to watch TV in the kitchen or at the table.

  2. Gi Al

    with the sanus is it possible to turn a flat panel 90 degrees? My 85” tv is 76” wide, so turning it 90 degrees would be about 38” to the wall…. But I think the Sanus is able to only go out about 28”.

  3. Kristopher

    I am seriously considering mounting a 86" with this same mount very high as well and everyone says not to.. I put a 55" up high in my bedroom and I NEVER regretted it! My theory is, I lounge in the sofa/bed and put my feet on top of each other: That is where the bottom of the TV goes.. Anyhow good job!


    Love my tv at an eye level instead of mounting it atop of a fire place, your head and neck is always looking upward which makes your neck very tire. I guess different strokes for different folks

  5. vision & sound Electronics

    I had a question about the TV do you like the TV or a get a lot of glare and it blooms a lot on dark scenes because I got one and I didn't like it and I'm trying to see if it was just my TV or that's how them TVs look is hard to watch him and night pissy when is Dark scenes going on the lotto blooming going on

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