Unboxing: iPhone 5s in 2018

in this video i’m going to unboxing the legendary iPhone 5s, it’s the first iphone with 64 bit,touch id and gold color.

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25 Replies to “Unboxing: iPhone 5s in 2018”

  1. PTRK

    I still have my 5s since 2013. It still amazing only downside is ofcourse the battery. I had to replace it 2 times every two years. I still love it tho. But i will be upgrading soon.

  2. Yeet Xoxo

    This iPhone was my first ever Phone ever 😬 I got it because I saw that my sister had one so I wanted one exactly like her, but to my like I regretted that so quickly.

    So after I got my first ever iPhone 5s my sisters iPhone 5s broke so she got an iPhone 7 rose gold :/ and I realized that for me the iPhone 5s was too small and I could literally wrap my hands around it.

    I had the iPhone since 2016, so it's been 2-3 years since I've had it, and I've gotten tired of it since it starts becoming so laggy and slow so I asked my dad if I could get a new iPhone.

    He said no but I made a deal with him that if I got an A in my school report card, then I'd be able to get a new iPhone

    So, I took my final exams and I was waiting for the results. I was anxious because I thought I didn't do well, but thank god I got an A in my report card and my dad agreed to buy me a new iPhone!!

    So when Summer Vacation started my dad and I went to the store and got me an IPhone 8! (Gold color)

    I'm typing on the iPhone 8 now an I'm so thankful and grateful that I got to have a new iPhone because the iPhone 5s only had 16GB and it was very laggy so I'm very happy (▰˘◡˘▰)

    For the ones that are getting an IPhone 5s, congrats! There's nothing wrong with the iPhone but in my opinion I'd prefer the iPhone 8 since it's bigger in size and has 64GB which is enough storage for me💜

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