Unboxing and Trying The Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum!

If you have been thinking about what the iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum is like, this is the video for you. This Roomba robot vacuum is one of their midrange models and retails for about $500. It is compatible with the iRobot App for iOS and Android and is programmable. This is my first impression of the robot before I will publish a full review with specs and more details about how it cleans. My first time using it, I’m very impressed! It took me a couple of attempts to connect it to the Wi-Fi network in our home but it is connected currently and performs VERY well in regards to cleaning dog hair up from our dark wood floors! So far, it also travels from wood floors to carpet seamlessly! So far, I’m very impressed with the iRobot Roomba 890 robot vacuum!

iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum (Affiliate Link):

Review of the iRobot Braava Robot Mop:


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37 Replies to “Unboxing and Trying The Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum!”

  1. Jo MacKenzie

    I have questions about this machine, what happens of there is a dog mess and you don't know it. Will the machine spread it all around. Have you had any clover accidents and is the quietest one you know of?

  2. Bayer-Z28

    Just ordered ours!!! So excited! 😁😁 the dust bunny patrol from black haired cat! 🐈😁😁😎and you’ve got the spaniel we’ve been wanting! How’s his shedding or fur level?

  3. Pamela Keyser

    I just found you. I love this. I have always wonder about these little robots. I love the music in your video's, and that you don't have music playing all time. Clover really does add the touch. Who would not subscribe to help support Clover.

  4. Netchanok Lankford

    After I watched your review !! I have to order my IRobot Roomba 891 from QVC . Hopefully I getting mind soon!!.I can’t wait!!…by the way I love..love..love to watch your Chanel on YouTube!! You make me bought IRobot Braava 380t and the Rooba 891!! LOL…😃

  5. Jackie Marquez

    Thanks for sharing.  About how long did Herbie run before he needed to be emptied? Three pugs equals a lot of pug love and at times, a little more pug hair than I would like. It would be so nice to come home and have the floors all clean.  Excited to see what your final impression is after your week long test run.

  6. Ashley R.

    I bought the Roomba 690 when they went on sale after Christmas and I LOVE it! Best purchase ever. Oh and that small tower thing you thought was the GPS is actually something you can use as an invisible wall to block your Roomba from going somewhere. I have mine blocking the cords in my living room because my little robot loves to try to eat them!

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