38 Replies to “Umihara Kawase (SNES) – Longplay”

  1. AquaWatermelons

    I like the use of photographed backgrounds but why are they so monotone and dull? I know that with the SNES you can only have 16 colours per palette, but they still could have made it look more vibrant like the foreground.

  2. Mik1

    i cant do that F42->F43 and the timelimit doesnt help for practising either.

    such a great game tho, i love games where you can master the gameplay and keep getting better

  3. mrdsjenzie

    and just discovered this before christmas, thank you RETRO GAMER issue 161, and it really is a gem …..


    now even though i've played decades of games, this bloody one gives me nightmares, but it's brilliant "catch-on" mechanics and devilishly simplistic-looking levels make it a unknown jewel in the SNES back catalogue!

    i can play the easier simpler levels pretty well, but get to the first boss battle is a right knackerer, can only get to three frogs ….. but i have gotten the extra life by underswinging across, quite pleased at that i was, but no chance getting back with all those idiots swimming! oh and noticed you only had to go through FOUR frogs before the exit opened?

    just another simply realised but ass clenchingly hard and challenging retro game, which i do use under emulation and use a PS3 pad with stick movement, might try it with the d-pad controls to see if it's better! and also got the translation patch so at least i can read the pause menu lol


  4. CharacterLimits

    I was reading about this series of games being pulled from Steam and PSN in some regions and I'd never heard of it until a few minutes ago. This actually looks like something I'd want to play. Shame I'll probably never have the chance, at least not legally.

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