Seattle collector Emilio found an extremely rare orange HALO original XBOX at a garage sale near Microsoft HQ in Redmond Washington. There was only one made by a Microsoft employee and here is the story.


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50 Replies to “Ultra Rare HALO XBOX DISCOVERED!”

  1. Max Jax

    I found a game cube spice orange controller new in box (bigger launch box) at a garage sale for $5. Saw that sucker, asked the lady how much, she said 5 dollars and I paid her and hauled ass.

  2. Dot Matrix

    :MJR casually holding a priceless actefact: Yeah, you know Emilio, these things are the holy grail of gameconsoles.
    :MJR tossing it over his shoulder: And in other news……

  3. nitelotion

    Update. Seattle Goodwill’s eBay store has another one of these on auction right now. Has halo on it. Currently over 20,000$. Auction ends in 5 days….someone had no idea what they had and DONATED it to goodwill. Marie Kondo style! Tray does not open. Crazy!

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