ULTIMATE Review: Dobby Drone by Zerotech

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Huge video review of the Dobby Drone, by Zerotech. This is a tiny, compact drone that folds up to fit into your pocket. I’ve taken it on a variety of hiking and fishing trips, all with great success. The photos are at 13mp, sharp, clear, and the video is a t 1080p, 30FPS. The drone itself features an array of smart options, such as orbit, tracking, selfie mode and more. It’s controlled through a smartphone, although some users have had success using a bluetooth gamepad. Major kudos to Zerotech for the drone review sample, it’s performed admirably and I will be using this in many videos to come!

TL;DR version: Super portable. Fantastic photos. Good video. Great autoflight options. Best with ND filter for sunny weather. Overall, great pocket drone.

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Catas & Kasger – Blueshift [NCS Release]

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15 Replies to “ULTIMATE Review: Dobby Drone by Zerotech”

  1. John Leigh

    im late to the Dobby party – enjoyed your video review – Saw you updated now to SPARK – I have the Yuneec Breeze but Im wondering if you would still recommend the Dobby? Im not sure its even accessible to updating from website as all seems to be finished for Dobby- Ive been looking around seems like you can still get them but wonder if they will still work without possibility of updating now

  2. boodizzle

    Hi bro, I don't really want to bring my laptop on far trips…Will my phone ( Samsungs8plus) be able to extract/auto record into my phone all videos I take with Dobby ? I'm assuming Wi-Fi is needed to do so…..thanks !

  3. Adam Mooberry

    I fly mine with an NVidia Shield portable, but you should be able to fly it with any remote that allows you to map buttons to the phone. For example, there are icons that represent the controllers left and right sticks and you have to place them over ( map them ) the virtual sticks for Dobby that are on your phone screen. Once the controller is set up pushing the left stick up will trigger the phones touch screen as if you had slid the virtual left stick up. Control with the shield portable is fantastic and beats virtual sticks every day of the week.

  4. TEAM Sue&Pat

    Hello .. ThanX for uploading this video .. very interesting .. this is my situation .. we travel to many destinations worldwide .. I am responsible for video montage .. 50% will B filmed by video camera .. 30% by GoPro .. and Hopefully 20% Drone footage .. this is a really interesting item .. I need a tiny Drone .. since we travel we need something easy to carry and not weight allot .. don't need massive amount of fly time since most of my filming (Drone) will be at remote outposts .. beaches .. and places of touristic value .. do you recommend this Drone .. I have looked a the Wingsland S6 .. some ppl who own it say it has issues .. also the Xiro Xplorer mini is interesting .. what do you recommend .. Regards

  5. Doug Conran

    Great Review. Tells it like it is – not perfect but pretty darn close! One thing you didn't really touch on is the outstanding customer support that Zerotech gives; much better than any other drone manufacturer/seller (including DJI) in my experience.

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