Ultimate Home Automation System with Google Home & Alexa. Smart Home Tour Setup Ideas Devices DIY 18

Ultimate Home Automation System:
Google Home:
Amazon Echo Plus:
SmartThings Hub:
Smart Bulb:
Smart Dimmer Switch:
Smart On/Off Switch:
Smart Outlet:
Fireplace Switch:
Best Vacuum:
Pet Feeder:
Smart TV:
TV Hub (Turns on TV):
Best Doorbell Camera:
Chromecast 4k:
Amazon TV Firestick:
Best Smart Deadbolt:
Best Garage Door Opener:
Best Thermostat:
Nest Thermostat:
Echo Dot:
Google Mini:

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Ultimate Home Automation System with Google Home & Alexa. Smart Home Tour Setup Ideas Devices DIY 18

Ok Google Turn on the living room lights.

Sure Turning six lights on.

In this video I am going to go over my ultimate home automation system, Everything I did to make my house a smart home. In this corner I am going to put everything you need to have to duplicate the command that I just gave including the apps and the products. And in the description below this video there will be links to every single product that I have listed in this video.

Ok Google Turn off Fireplace. You got it turning off the fireplace.

-This took me a while to find the right receiver to fireplace

Ok Google turn on the fireplace. You got it turning the fireplace on.

-But it is my favorite for creating an ambiance.

Ok Google Close the garage Door. Gotcha

-Most garage doors can be modified with the product I have listed below. Let’s Fast Forward.( Can Add More) This device does not require a hub but runs on its own app.

Ok Google Lock the front door. I’ll lock it

I have it set up so my voice can only lock it. Otherwise breaking in would only take yelling in my home.

Ok Google turn on the entry lamp. Ok turning on the entry lamp

38 Replies to “Ultimate Home Automation System with Google Home & Alexa. Smart Home Tour Setup Ideas Devices DIY 18”

  1. Rick Buck

    IMPORTANT STRINGIFY UPDATE: You will need to start using WEBCORE instead of Stringify because Stringify was bought out. The good news is Webcore is WAY more powerful and customizable than Stringify. But unfortunately Webcore is more difficult to use. You will have to watch videos on how to install and use it. ONCE you do join the webcore community to learn how to use IFTTT to voice control and do everything else. Click on the description above to see all the products I use.

  2. David Hale

    Rick Buck, could(would) you mind assisting someone with designing a system like this for their home? My wife and I are closing on a house now and are wanting to make the entire house this way. Were both paraplegics and want the entire home system accessible for us.

  3. zandrello

    has the Stringify app been retired or out of development or re-named or something? I do not find it in the Google Play store at all. All it is finding is the IFTTT app, SmartThings, and MQTT Dash…

  4. Midera Rasamimanana

    I love how he's cheering/celebrating every time the smart home does what he asks it to. As if it wouldn't, even though he has clearly used those commands countless of times. It's not a free throw or a FG or a penalty kick….his setup is sick though

  5. Bernard Christin

    Quick question: how do you setup your google home to only respond to your voice for locking doors and garage door opening? Are you not afraid that someone with a voice that is similar to yours will be able to yell themselves in?

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