Ultimate DJI MAVIC 2 PRO Drone Beginners Start up guide WATCH BEFORE YOU FLY!!

Part 1: Just got the new #DJI #Mavic2Pro #Drone ? New to drones? First “New” drone? Real world walk through of the initial #set-up, what to do, what not to do, so you don’t trash your £1500 drone on the first flight…
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22 Replies to “Ultimate DJI MAVIC 2 PRO Drone Beginners Start up guide WATCH BEFORE YOU FLY!!”

  1. Dennis Johnson

    He is absolutely correct when said about the gimbal Guard been taking off each time you fly. Little tip steak a little bit of red ribbon to the gimbal guard. It's a very bright visual reminder that it is there. It could save you a lot of money in the long run

  2. Mark Rooney

    Interesting watch, Im awaiting my Mavic 2 Pro and the Smart Controller this Tuesday. I already own the 1st Mavic Pro among many other drones. This has given me the correct info to set my new Pro 2 up perfectly. love your sense of humour.? Very informative buddy. ✅

  3. Gregg Bruce

    Who can just ‘ come along and have a look at’ your phone app? What horrible, freedom-less country do you live in? How about if someone wants to look in your app you tell them to f-off?

  4. Randy

    So I buy a Mavic 2 Zoom on 7/22/19. I had to purchase it with just the battery because there were no package deals with the remote etc available. Sold out. Then I purchase the remote when that came available, that was sold out also at the time. Here it is, August 4th and still can't get the remote to connect/bind. I've followed instructions from an email from them, which just gives you the normal startup and then says if it fails just restart everything…how many times am I supposed to do that??? I've tried every video I've seen online, I've disconnected from my wifi and trying LTE, I'm at a loss.

    This video starts off with the wifi light/button on the drone red and they say push the button and in the video it turns green. Mine starts green and when I hit the button it turns red.some say just push the button and others say push and hold.

    Another thing is when I start DJI GO 4, it gives me the option to select Mavic 2 Zoom. As soon as I plug the cable into my phone it automatically goes to Mavic Pro. If I start the whole process with the cable already plugged into my phone and rc, it doesn't give me an option to change it to Mavic 2 Zoom. I can't even find the DJI Assistant 2 to DL. It comes up on their website but just says to DL the installation documents on a computer.

    I haven't tried plugging into a computer yet…can I, should I ? $2200 invested into this and I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about DJI and their products. I always thought they were one of the best.

    Am I missing something?

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