Ultimate Alexa/Google Home Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

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Ultimate Alexa/Google Home Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

Turn on/off the lights with your voice or control your lights with your mobile device anywhere in the world. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and App control. Smart switch on/off with the App. My home is a 100% off grid home powered by a solar system and wind turbines. Make sure to subcribe to my podcast

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23 Replies to “Ultimate Alexa/Google Home Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch”

  1. Savina Ivanova

    Quick question will this work for 230v? As i want to buy it for my house in Europe and they use 230 voltage ?In Bulgaria the power plugs and sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

  2. OldMan_PJ

    I love TP-Link's "Kasa" line of smart bulbs and outlets. It is incredibly convenient to schedule lights turn on and off automatically as well as be able to control them by voice. It makes coming home with your hands full of grocery bags far less frustrating. The outlets I use with fans so that I can turn them on before I leave work and have my place cooled down when I get home, as well as turn them off by voice so I don't have to get up out of bed to fumble around with them. I had Philips Hue bulbs before but one of the bulbs was died in less than 30 days and they were terribly unreliable. Considering the price they were a huge disappointment. I now just use a pair of Echo Dots w/ Alexa to control everything.

  3. rey arteb

    all good and fun until you lose your internet connection….
    do you have to re-configure all the house switches if you lose power?
    (i like the switch idea, you can still use it as a regular light switch if the network is down)

    let us know how this works out for you long term, are you saving time/money or creating another layer of maintenance?

  4. marthale7

    I use domotics ( open sourced free ) software for my control, it allows me a wide range of options it is cross platform compatible. I use a rasberry pi to host it and it does things via timer or motion control.

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