U.S. may limit ties with European nations partnering with Huawei: Pompeo

美 “화웨이 장비 쓰지마라” 연일 압박…中 강력 반발

The United States is stepping up pressure on countries that continue to do business with China’s telecommunications giant, Huawei.
Kim Hyo-sun tells us more.
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who’s visiting Eastern Europe,… has warned European countries… that using Huawei equipment could hurt their relationship with Washington.
Speaking in Hungary,… the first leg of his five-nation European tour,… Pompeo said the U.S. could scale down certain operations in the country if it continues to do business with Huawei.
He also said in Slovakia that the U.S. has an obligation to alert its partners of the risks associated with products made by the Chinese telecommunications giant.

“We want to make sure that our friends and allies, out NATO partners, those that are inside of the EU, we want to make sure that they’re aware of those risks and that’s our task.”

The U.S. is increasingly troubled with Huawei’s expansion in Europe,… where Washington believes the company poses significant information security threats.
However, such pressure faces challenges,… as eastern European countries like Hungary have no other choice but to continue using Huawei equipment,… due mainly to their economic relationship with Beijing.
Unsurprisingly,… China has slammed Washington’s move.

“The U.S. behavior is neither just nor moral, which is not the proper manner that a major country is supposed to have.”

Yet, Beijing said it appreciated Hungary’s just and objective stance in dealing with the issue,… adding their bilateral ties will not be disturbed by any other countries.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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24 Replies to “U.S. may limit ties with European nations partnering with Huawei: Pompeo”

  1. Alex Tan

    Wow, where the free trade US had been trumpeting about? The moment these European countries do business with China, US just kick them aside. What a hypocrite and sore loser.

  2. fireball39279

    This fucking America can't compete with China in 5G infrastructure, then they want the whole world to stop using Huawei and expect European nations listening to them or else. Really, you MFS?? These American politicians are low-life scums. Fuck you America! My friends are switching Huawei phone in 2 months and we all supporting Huawei.

  3. Cedric Wai

    Nowadays America is getting so low and desperate to blackmail countries for using Huawei’s 5G. Every country got the right to choose what’s best for its country without interference from other countries,especially America!!!!!!!!!!!’

  4. CHNW

    Huawei should in fact thank this ass hole Pompeo for a free advertisement. The more being suppressed , Huawei will win even more sympathy and curiositty from others.

  5. SUN HIN

    US retreat,
    China support.
    You still have a super power, which gradually over take US, to support you.

    Huawei just a company.
    Because of Huawei, influential in price n advancement, America just couldn't swallow their defeats.

    Off cause, America need to find ways to suppressed Huawei.

    It's always America strategy, never fight alone. So, America get the 5eyes to denounced Huawei.

    America, tactics a well known tactics which works every on all countries, is fear.

    America, will intimidate using Huawei n
    instigate saying using Huawe will comprised  national security n enemy n intimidation.

    But, this instigation are not true, the people with common sense knows.

    Listen to this n listen between the lines follow your conscious n you know the truth

    Actual fact is the opposite, is that,  not using Huawei countries can easily spied by America. Huawei is a commercial company will never succumbed to politics of any country.

    Now, the world need to decides,
    whether Huawei is country enemy or not.

    Can Huawei really succumbed to such low deeds as spying.
    Remembered this Huawei is big technology giant, built from scratch, to this stage.

    So do you think they will want to tarnish their business, to spy n lost credibility ?

    Using Huawei, country can move forward with technology of the future.

    Not this alone, about $ n ¢,
    Because huawei has been very competitive in pricing.
    Countries using Huawei will save Billions on cost of system, maintenance, upgradings n equipments.
    Citizens can enjoy the technology of the future n at affordable price.

  6. 6packter

    Usa is now portraying a weak hand
    Has to do low moral low respect things to limit China s tech advancement
    It is like stopping China from inventing gun powder

  7. Cave Man

    A Secretary of State of US go around the world only to tell his allies not deal business with Huawei , what a joke! How shame a great nation like US behavior this way?

  8. Dan D

    The US must compensate countries for the difference in price. Why should countries help the US. The US is a sinking ship, jump ship or be dragged down with it.

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