U.S. indicts Huawei, Meng Wanzhou on 13 counts, including fraud

The U.S. Department of Justice unveiled a 13-count indictment on Monday in New York charging Huawei, two of its affiliates and Meng Wanzhou, a top executive at the company.

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32 Replies to “U.S. indicts Huawei, Meng Wanzhou on 13 counts, including fraud”

  1. Corded Hornet

    After a month they finally figure out what to charge the CFO…. and many people who are clueless talks about oh apple and Starbucks are leaving china now oh my God China dictators destroying their economy, mcdonalds leaving china, war is going to break out we will just nuke them… sometimes I wonder why are there so many special people living in America or how they kept on breeding if they're this brainless.

  2. David Hynes

    The Canadian Court will decide when they read these charges and if the charges are the same as the law in Canada they have to extricate, money fraud, espionage and wire fraud are the same as the USA laws and the courts will have to extradite Meng Wanzhou.

  3. Kerry Marris

    this is a good start, but how about, Chinese pet food, and 95% cadmeum kids jewelry? why is there 88,000 unregulated chemicals on the planet earth? that most government officials claim to care about? (yes, this planet earth) Dupont, 3m? and why is ? GM spouting off about 3.5 billion in quarterly sales.and just selling s.u.v. and trucks while global warming is killing the planet? I really think that they Care more about the Georgia guide Stone's period. thanks again,praying for the asteroid. Wonka ☮️…

  4. Rama Rama Dingdong

    The CCP space program came into existence due to espionage of American technology. The CCP has a long standing hatred towards the "West" & "Westerner's", largly a byproduct of propoganda, generated by the CCP.

  5. Joel Lontoc

    This man is obviously lying. Look at all the sweat running down his clammy bald head. He turns red. A total liar. Canada should release mz.Meng immediately. May all corrupt lying corrupt government burn in hell for eternity.

  6. dtvqa

    The United States gov't is becoming more of a joke each day. They can't compete in a free market, therefore chose to hold hostage a competing executives to oppress them from economic growth. This nonsense is politically motivated by United States & Canada. Good going Canada, you could have entered into lucrative trade agreement with China and boost your economy. However, you chose to side with United States and lost billions of dollars in revenues in trading with China. Good job. trump & the Republican government are a criminal organization. trump's administrative staff are be indicted each day for criminal activities. The Canadian gov't should have seen the writing on the wall and not trust these allegations coming from this trump gov't. trump doesn't know what he's doing. the trump administration was a joke in the begin, continues to be a joke today, and will always a laughing stock. Canada should not be apart of their criminal activities.

  7. William Lai

    Both China and Canada are loser in this case. The real winner are the US. I just wonder when Canada gov is gonna wake up and say: Hey! U.S. is playing us like a donkey flute. We should stop them.

  8. Grace Yang

    Are our Canadians so forgetful! I just want to know when our “traditional ally “ lift the tariffs on our steel and aluminum. Of course, they think we are “national security threat” now

  9. jim kuan

    So let me get this straight … US is accusing Huawei stole "Tally's Arm" technology from T-Mobile. So Huawei stole some technology to automate pressing a button on the phone million times so see when it breaks. Is that what this is about? 🙂

    Sometimes people just don't even bother to hide their real intention. Huawei true 5G will be deployed around the world, with or without US trying to block it. 🙂

  10. Lino Benetti

    Why is the Homeland security is greatly thankful to the CND government….I always thought that justice system in Canada is independent….
    Gee there's a tremendous intellectual deficit pestering north america….we….the caucasians have become dumber than the Kardashians

  11. Dan Searle

    At 11:52 ; did this guy say exploit?! Gee. I think a few American companies exploited Americans back in 2010, with selling bad mortgage funds, and shorting the market. Millions of people lost everything they had.

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