TVirl intergrates your provided IPTV channels to Android TV (Shield TV or Mi Box ONLY)

Most likely the most essential app you need on your Android TV OS devices. Watch Your favorite TV channels with system TV player on Android TV.

TVirl (Unreleased) ** Still in Beta**

Currently TVirl is only available on Android TV OS devices such as Nvidia Shield TV or Xiaomi Mi Box

IPTV service on the video
Vaders Streams

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29 Replies to “TVirl intergrates your provided IPTV channels to Android TV (Shield TV or Mi Box ONLY)”

  1. HaasbroTV

    Do you know if it's possible to get channel names when you're looking at the EPG; you only get their logo and since i have 3 versions of each channel i wanna know what is what

  2. Josh Tenzer

    So i hve this set up with my provider, and it works, im having some issued getting the channel logos, but thats nothing to do with tvirl. my question is, my provider uses 4 hour tokens for its m3u playlists. using a script/cron to update the file with new tokens is no problem, however, tvirl doesnt automatically refresh the information. is there any plans to get it to auto update/rescan in the future. this way with my cron, and auto update, i dont have to run tvirl again every 4 hours

  3. craigo1981

    Hey, been playing around with Live Channels now and it looks great. One quick question, do you know if there's any way to have it navigate the groups that Vaders has available, like US, UK, premium movies etc? I was also playing around with Perfect Player, which does allow you to switch between groups like that but I've not seen this option on Live Channels. Cheers!

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