TV Comparison: Sony XBR55X850D, Samsung UN55KS8000, LG 55UH8500

Here we take a look at three more reasonably priced 55″ TV side by side.

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Sony XBR55X850D:

Samsung UN55KS8000:

LG 55UH8500:

23 Replies to “TV Comparison: Sony XBR55X850D, Samsung UN55KS8000, LG 55UH8500”

  1. woofy 29

    I Love your reviews… and now having a hard time choosing which one is better … comments below all says SONY is the best but there is one comment who said its a crap compare to sony… LG is fast rising in TV technology ( could be the next Samsung in the making) … what im concerned is more onthe screen quality ..period… not into features.. coz when you turn on the TV..all you do is sit around and watch for whole day….. which is which Ba?????????? which is lowest in price?? since you did not mention the price comparison..

  2. fastcougar3200

    Samsung biased shit. How can you say Samsung OS is the fastest and how can you say Samsung remote is the easiest to use, when there is Magic Remote on LG?! Fuck it. And we all know SONY has the best picture and the slowest OS. Samsung is last

  3. potato jan

    points:—1.All companies are treating their customers as fools.2. All companies making profit for compromise the quality of the product .3. the cons of the OLED is that burn in? why they use oled instead of PLASMA if PLASMA has only this cons burn in why they don't make plasma 4. no one can beat plasma (lcd, led, oled and whatever) 5. lcd or led have many many cons(light bleed, blooming, vertical bending, grey black, they also a life span of three to four years, ips va panels ) 5. if sony samsung lg give good tv which has all the good elements for perfect tv their business got ruined. All the big manufactures, media holds by jews and the god of the jews is money, how they give you good tv ………..cont

  4. Yanic Young

    Sony number 1
    Samsung 2
    Lg good with sound sucks with picture it’s to blurry for my liking it doesn’t even have the apps you have to do the one by one vizio is even better that’s the 3rd best

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