TV burn-in checker l Samsung

Burn-in may happen when you watch content with fixed images over long periods of time. This OLED TV burn-in checker will help to reveal discolouration on your screen. Try playing this video on your TV to identify burn-in spots.

For Samsung QLED owners, there’s no need to worry because Samsung QLED is burn-in free.

22 Replies to “TV burn-in checker l Samsung”

  1. win운수대통할나

    이딴걸 비교 영상이라고 쳐 올렸냐??
    니들은 led잖아 어디서 oled라고 속여서
    마케팅 하냐? ㅉㅉ
    외국 사람들 모른다고 아주 웃기게 광고질이네
    챙피한 줄 알아야지

  2. Ducky Sup

    I’m trying to find the thing when I turn up my volume when the icon shows up on the top right it’s glitching out like as soon as the icon come it looks like checkers

  3. Diego OS

    Samsung plasma F8500, die for a faulty power supply, buy a Samung the frame QLED and die, the imputs doesn't work. Lots of forums reporting the same problems, Samsung have a big QC problem, if you want a long lasting TV dont buy Samsung.

  4. Akshay Bandivadekar

    Worst QLED, I have purchased Samsung 55Q80R, Now it's display is damage, Currently it is in warrenty period, but customer support is not friendly, so don't purchased any product from Samsung especially TV

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