Trying to talk sense into Xbox FANBOYS!

I try to talk some sense into the crazy Xbox fanboys who cannot accept reality.

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20 Replies to “Trying to talk sense into Xbox FANBOYS!”

  1. The One Norealer

    Super facts — i’m late to the video but it still holds true after the release of both the Xbox series X and the PlayStation five— check out my channel I’m going to talk about it in full detail I’m gonna aim to make it one of my best content videos to date

  2. Noel Vermillion

    Was the comparison
    Left PS4 Pro
    Middle Xbox one X
    Right pc

    I know PS4 Pro had the worse version due to how rockstar messed up the chequerboard stuff on the pro

    With this one game I would definitely say there is quite a noticeable difference "side by side"
    But if somebody was to switch out my console and give me the same controller not letting me see what I'm on each day. No I wouldn't tell

  3. courier

    Well i dont think any console needs to prove anything when it comes to stats or opinions gamers get rlly toxic at each other i dont see the appeal in arguing over it and i dont think consoles need to be as good as this or that i think we would ve better off just letting people enjoy what they enjoy lets just leave the competitive side to sales🤗.

  4. Hankie

    You are actually the delusional one for buying into all of this console wars crap. Like anyone is actually going to take an "L" over a piece of plastic, you are a puppet to Sony and you don't even realize it, some grade A content right here 🤣

  5. Alex Andy

    you have my compliments you are the youtuber who explains best of all why the best choice is sony play station 5 … here it is not a question of being a fan boy … it is the reality … sony offers quality and quantity too … .instead Microsoft offers a lot of quantity but comparison to the software houses with which Sony works their exclusives. … useless … play station wins without even making a comparison …

  6. shadowminor

    All fanboys need to shut the fuck up. xbox ps and pc. people will buy what they want to buy. You as a ps fanboy is just as bad as xbox and pc fan boys.
    and technically all modern games have CGI graphics. cause they are all Computer Generated Imagery.

  7. Martin Reinhart

    You sound stupid about console wars between Xbox and PlayStation. we could in 2020 you really need to shut your mouth console wars are old it don't matter who wins any more you just sound so damn stupid

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