Trump undermined Canada on Huawei arrest, former U.S. ambassador to China says | Power & Politics

U.S. President Donald Trump undermined Canada when he suggested using the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou as a bargaining chip in his trade war with China, according to former U.S. ambassador to China Gary Locke.
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29 Replies to “Trump undermined Canada on Huawei arrest, former U.S. ambassador to China says | Power & Politics”

  1. busy boy

    the MANDARINS in Beijing are going to need a lot of tea x the meetings ahead.
    Cought like kids with the hands in the jam.SERIOUS STUFF that need a serious justice system.The US is doing what everybody has been wishing x a decade.

  2. urdbest

    Canada is wrong in supporting an extradition treaty for a 100% politically motivated harassment. . Canada should not support US terrorism. US is just taking advantage of Canada. China has always been Canada's friend until the Huawei event. Not worth it, not for US terrorism.

  3. Syed Hoda

    This is good for China that this incident has awoke them. China should arrest more Canadian and may even hang a couple of them. This will tell the gang of WASP countries that they they do not own the world.

  4. Tekk Smart

    Huawei CFO arrested on US request in Canada

    Meng Wanzhou arrest related to violations of US sanctions amid Sino-US trade tensions

    I think the timing was a political move by the US! Let Meng Wanzhou go back to China! And if they broke any laws then they will pay a fine just like Qualcomm!

  5. Mo Yu wo


  6. Henry Mai

    The ambassador doesn't know sh*t about cell phones. HUAWEI first makes plenty of high end phone models, the Mate, the P and Nova which are priced appropriately unlike Apple phones. Second, you think HUAWEI still use foreign screen and chips? What a joke. Go home and google Kirin chips.

  7. Riyad

    Do human know that biggest black list companies which directly involve in money is HSBC BANK… BUT HOW MANY CEO OF HSBC BANK ARE ARRESTED BY USA WATCH DOG

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