Trump admin softens Huawei ban

The Trump administration has given the greenlight to US companies to sell non-sensitive equipment to Huawei. More than 130 applications have been submitted to the Commerce Department to continue business with Huawei despite the US government ban thereof. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports.

Then John Grace, founder and president of Investor’s Advantage Corp. joins Scottie Nell Hughes to share his insights. He also weighs in on the future of investment in Asia and companies leaving China to avoid tariffs.

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46 Replies to “Trump admin softens Huawei ban”

  1. phonetica

    Why aren't any of the comments here rooting for America? Why is everyone here rooting for communist China? Are there no Americans here, or are all you cry babies rooting for China just to spite Trump because you're a bunch of snowflakes?

  2. Bory Rean

    poor educated Trump should be reelected to help Huawei stronger. without him, Huawei wouldn't be strong as today. he advertised and promote for Huawei a lot. try some more Trump!

  3. Tian

    Gestures of good will ??? more like a miscalculation, Trumpet- Trade war are easy to win! And yet it’s taking a whole country to take on a Chinese company…. what an embarrassment ?‍♂️

  4. Patti Wise

    HongKong is worth more than a ballgame of any kind. Maybe you all do not care if Communist China is shooting their own people in the street and jailing and torturing Christians and Muslims. Many Americans care about the people of HongKong. Our Economy is strong. They need us more than we do them. Unlike the last President, we care about human rights. The NBA should not be kissing the reaprendes of China.
    Americans are sick of it.

  5. super blue

    Trump is not in charge, Jow neocon criminal oligarch greatest enemy of China hiding in Trump cabinet are in charge.
    China have defeated the Jow neocon criminal oligarch declared never ending war with China for the last 150yrs.

  6. Edy Hiun

    When someone in pressure,they will work harder. The real winner will find the way to overcome the problem. Like nasa ban china in aero space,now they can land in the dark side of the moon.

  7. Peter Y.

    I think this is a campaign tactic by Trump to help his reelection. Boost up the market making it go higher with more good news, make it look like the trade war is improving and a solution is in sight, pretend the economy is getting better, etc. Anything to win a second term.

  8. jeffreyshowell1

    This is exactly what Washington does to the American people. They take your freedoms and offer it back to you in the form of a license or permit. Washington doesn’t do anything for anybody. There nothing but a freaking mafia. The American people would be better off without all the permits and fees whatever it takes to get something done in America. The American people would be much better off without Washington themselves.

  9. LST

    It's NOT that Trump is magnanimous. It's just the recognition that Huawei has overcome the ban and the only sufferers are the US suppliers.This softening is actually CHICKENING.

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