true cost Tesla Semi – Daimler semi. Bob lutz, Tesla makes 150,000 per truck profit

Tesla semi vs. Daimler costs. Tesla could get 150,000 per truck profit when competing with 18650 Daimler and other trucks. Tsla to 3000 on truck profits easily. The metric of 125K for a diesel truck not logical given that fuel and maintenance savings per year will give buyers ability to save large amounts each year on variable costs.

while a 200k electric truck seems like a lot. with repair and fuel savings costs can be justified with ease. Tesla can offer trucks at competing prices to Daimler but at huge margins. Savings on variable costs of fuel and repair easy win TEsla.

With a 300 to 400 mile semi, a giant shipper like ups could save70k a year in fuel costs and another 30k a year in repair costs on their trucks. Variable costs end up being bigger than the 120k average class 8 purchase price. Given this case, one could justify 200 to 300 thousand dollar price tag and not blink. Tesla has a lot of room to price how they choose given the monopoly they will have on biggest trucks for years.

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  1. Joseph Bezzi

    lm glad you responded but the design of it has problem like the driver sits in the middle no mirrors please spare me of cameras. when I back up you have no vision with the naked eye one last thing I heard from the driver on smart trucking the thing looks like an 80000 pound hoover vacuum cleaner

  2. David Beppler

    The Tesla Semi is a huge game changer. Companies will junk every truck they own for a 3% operations improvement. They will kill their own mothers for a 20% improvement. Tesla killed the supercar now they killed the Semi. Nobody even mentions that Tesla semi's do not waste time at a fueling station. They charge as they unload! Saving 15-30 minutes per trip.

  3. coral irwin

    Greg hi Jon I in San Diego here
    I've been thinking about this since I saw on your channel the semi with the big pack sitting behind the cab
    Greg I think the truck will be sold cheap cheap and the batteries will be rented per use because they change out very quickly a charge to pack at truck stops
    What do you think

  4. Carl B

    Good content. It will be interesting to see how close you were in your thoughts after the truck roll out. Video and audio a bit better, but still have audio distortion and video shadows.

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