Troubleshooting the Samsung LED TV Model UN32EH4003

Samsung TV troubleshooting, In this video you will be able successfully determine a faulty power supply board in the UN series Samsung LED Televisions. We are using the model UN32EH4003 as a demonstrator.
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  1. Carmine Petrangelo

    I bought a power board from you 4 years ago.  It worked fine.  I have a new problem.  The TV is turning on and off on its own.  When I plug it in it turns on then in a few seconds it turns off, then it turns on again and then it turns off again.  I tried a number of different things but nothing works.  The TV plays well with no other issues.  When I first started doing this it would sometimes stay on for a while then turn back off and then come back on.  I have heard it could be a compasserter but if it is I would just buy the board itself, whichever one is a problem.  My TV is the same one in your video model UN32EH4003. I have tried just about everything else.

  2. D.L.P Devo

    Does changing out the power supply on this model fix constant restarting of the TV problem I can see the picture and then it restarts it will keep doing this until amplug the TV from the wall


  3. Gojko Radanovich

    I have Samsung TV UN 39FH5000 FXA that don't have backlight also when plugged in power stand by light flashes 6 times. I was measuring voltage on wires to backlight and got different reading when main board connected to power supply board reading goes to zero, but when main board disconnected, reading is 193V on connector D+ but when I measure voltage on wires from mainboard to power supply board voltage is as noted on power supply board. can you please advise what to change to fix it?
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  4. Rajesh Dash

    hi sir my samsung UN32EH4003 tv is not getting sw on. bt when i opened it as per ur instruction remove cmm 803 and connect the power supply no back pannel light is switch on. so i suspect power supply board.suggest me find out the fault and make my tv serviceable.

  5. Manuel Vargas

    I got a new power supply still don't turn on if I follow your step I got not light on the led …. but!!!!! if I connect the 1 and 2 from the led plug in the power supply I get light in the leds plus picture please let me know what else I could try my volt in that plug is 3 and 4 I got 17.2 and in the 1 and 2 I got 167.5 this is from the upper plug in the power supply that connect to the leds

  6. Kasper Zukowski

    Hello George, thanks for posting these videos. My UN32EH4003 powers on (makes a chime sound and the red light comes on) but the screen is dark. I still see an image if I shine a flashlight on it. I would think that indicates a bad backlight correct? But because this is an LED backlit model, can the backlight be replaced? What are the chances of this being the correct solution? I would appreciate your advice.

  7. Theo Kosnikowski

    I have a black screen with a UN32EH4003F. replaced the power and main boards & power switch, have a steady standby light which doesn't respond to remote or button. As shown in this video with just the power board connected the LED panel lights up. Any suggestions?

  8. karem elkayar

    I have the power cycling problem where my tv turns on and off very often. I searched your products and you dont have UN32EH4003 parts, you only have UN32EH4000.. what do you think the problem could be & how can I fix it?

  9. Barry Brisley


    I have a samsung un40f6300af tv. When I turn the tv on I get the red blinking light that keeps flashing two times, two times, two times.
    I took the back off the tv as in your video. I didn't notice any bulging capacitors on the power board (BN44-00645D). I disconnected the main board and turned the tv on. The panel on the TV flickers. It turns on and off repeatedly.

    Not sure if this is a panel, led backlight, power, or main board issue. any idea what it could be?


  10. Efe Can

    I've a SAMSUNG – Series 4 UE32EH4000 32 inch TV, till last night it was working fine, we switched it off and today it's not turning on, I've checked the power cable and re-inserted it as well but no luck, the power socket is working fine as we know from plugging in other stuff so the issue seems to be with tv only, no light comes on in the tv when we turn the switch on, it just remains dead, doesn't respond to remote as well. Can you suggest what could be the possible cause of it? and how can we go about fixing this issue?
    Thank you very much in advance!

  11. Lenny John

    So before to day I had the same problem as John but I left the tv on during a storm and lighting struck and will not turn back on. I tried what you did in the video but the back lights don't come on. So should I have both problems checked out?

  12. John Ludwig

    thanks for the vid..i have this exact TV. I was watching it yesterday when it suddenly began to power off & on.. like someone was pranking me with the remote from somewhere. So, I did this test you recommended, disconnected the main board from power board and then plugged the TV back in. It flashes on and off every half second or so. Would replacing the fuse possibly be a fix? Also, I noticed a C9A component is slightly raised/puffy on the top. Very slight but noticeable. Another video recommended looking for these signs. Thanks!

  13. Iorgulescu Gabriel

    @George Droukas: Hello sir. I have a led tv 32EH4003 and it seems i have a burn-in problem with my screen. I had the same image displayed like 2-3 hours and now that image is there all the time like a ghost image. How can i fix this problem??? Thanks.

  14. Ben Jimenez

    I have one of these tv's un32eh4003fxza in your video. My back light would not come on. There are four wires on the top right of the power board that I think power the light. I have two positive and two negative coming out. I discovered that one pair of positive/negative wires are not getting power for some reason, but If I cross over from the other pair that work then my back light turns on. Does this mean that there is a bad part on the power board? Is it ok to keep the working pair of wires crossed over to power the pair that don't work so I can keep the light on?

  15. Jim W

    Hey George I have a Samsung LN40D630M3fxza and the power just shut off while watching tv. I have looked at the caps and they look ok. sometimes the red power light is on but looks dim. I tried the diag as per this video and if I unplug the main board all of the lcd lights DO turn on….. Do you think its a mainboard issue or Power board issue????

  16. Ebenezer Scrooge

    Ah thank you… TV troubleshooting has never been easier. My DLP is a hassle sometimes but not really difficult either. I'm glad parts are made modular, just switch'em out by hand and done deal… unlike scary CRTprojectors and CRT Boxes… yikes…

  17. Jason Brown

    Mine is coming on for a split wsecond, making a startup sound, and then going off. Is this a power board failure? All of the lights in this video are NOT on when I attempt to turn the unit on.

  18. Peter Lacson

    You mentioned that the main control board needs to be replaced since the power supply board is working. You did not mention anything about the T Con Board that connects to the main board. ( black L film ). I see on my TV the board is located between the two speakers. Is there a possibility that this is not working? can this be replaced? My TV is fairly 2 years old and I hardly use it. Please help. email address Thank you

  19. Robert Preston

    I have the exact same tv and have done the troubleshooting as you described in your video. When I plugged in the tv, the LED lights did not light up. Does that mean the power supply board is bad? Thank you in advance for any help.

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