Tradfri unboxing and setup – Cheap IKEA smart lighting (Philips HUE alternative)

Ikea recently released a smart lighting alternative called “Tradfri”. This amazing solution provides everything needed to make your home’s lighting system smarter.
The API has even been explored already making it possible to integrate this with your home automation system

17 Replies to “Tradfri unboxing and setup – Cheap IKEA smart lighting (Philips HUE alternative)”

  1. jan r

    Kan ik een lamp met de bridge connecteren zonder controller?
    Ik gebruik Alexa dus ik heb geen remote nodig, dus wil ik die ook niet kopen als het niet nodig is.

  2. Lars Edvard Aksetøy Fodnes

    What happens if the lights are turned off from the remote, but power is still on the bulbs. Then there is a power grid outage, then power comes back to the house. All the connected lamps will light up. This is what happens without the Gateway. Does it happen With the gateway in the loop?

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