Toyota's Very Tiny Electric Vehicles for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

These are some of the electric cars Toyota will provide for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, including Toyota i-Road, Ultra-compact EV and electric scooters. Toyota’s electric cars for Tkyo Olympics are amazing, but Toyota needs to make electric vehicles replacing its current fleet.

Japan wants to make the 2020 Tokyo Games the world’s greenest Olympics and Toyota is the official fleet provider. Now Toyota is building very tiny electric cars to make the 90% of the vehicles it provides for the games electric. Last week Toyota debuted some of the more unusual vehicles at the Tokyo Motor show ranging from enclosed motorcycle to wheelchair attachments and e-scooters.

Here are some of the electric vehicles Toyota is preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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27 Replies to “Toyota's Very Tiny Electric Vehicles for 2020 Tokyo Olympics”

  1. John Ryan

    Looks very nice. Copy from Arcimoto. Good for short trips on local streets, not busy streets or highways. Run time is low and charging time is high. Safer than a motorcycle but wouldn't want to be hit by a car or truck – when all vehicles have FSD they'll be safe. I assume they'll be cheap – maybe $5k (haha). IMO.

  2. Cro De

    Worldwide, 40% of those people are with their natural height (1900 mm +) and weight (100 kg +). With that, no factory produces for those people, but for all the other people below that dimension.

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