Tour of the ecobee Smart House

My family and I were invited to stay at the ecobee smart home (the ecoBeeNB) during SXSW! We put the house to the test with some of our daily routines! The Switch+ and ecobee 4 smart thermostat are some of the main products featured.

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31 Replies to “Tour of the ecobee Smart House”

  1. Aaron Wilhelm

    "Live from NPR News in Washington I'm Jack Speer" I say it along with him every night when I listen to my briefing! I was just talking to a friend from work who is building a new house and told him you had a video coming and it went live when chatting him, sent this to him to hopefully help him out. Beautiful family!

  2. Devesh Batra

    i did not see a smart lock when you entered the home and ordered pizza ? maybe something to add to the build 😉
    Great video by the way.. really showcases some interesting integrations

  3. chris h

    Great video stephanie,ecobee looks like the future has definitely arrived,and the best thing i loved about your video is that all these gadgets give you so much more quality time with the family,in a world where hi tech is soo much upon us,time spent with the family is soo important😄👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👍

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