Top 7 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla Model 3 in 2019/20

Representing Top 7 Electric Cars That Will Challenge Tesla Model 3 in 2019/20.

01: Polestar 2
02: Byton K-Byte
03: Nissan Leaf ePlus
04: Kia Soul EV
05: Volkswagen ID Concept
06: Chevy Bolt EV
07: SEAT el-Born



46 Replies to “Top 7 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla Model 3 in 2019/20”

  1. Steven Balekic

    The polestar and the byton look the best, the others just look like daewoos. Pity hatchback shaped cars are the common thing today….I hate the flat, kicked-in the backside look of them. The volkswagen looks good on the inside…..for the first week….then you actually think, wow is this cars interior boring. It's a bit too minimalist.

    I did like the funky look of the soul but after seeing the polestar and byton it already looks dated…
    The leaf and bolt/volt are just plain ugly and the vw looks like an egg.


    I would strongly recommend not having anything to do with a product that has a smidgen of involvement with Google and their elite approach to freedom—censorship of all people all the time and share that data with the most evil entities in existence—the C*A and it’s other versions from other countries which are still just those clowns with a different icon (disguise). The same holds true from Faceb**k which may be even more worse in its evil association with those subhuman clowns intent of assisting the 1% in their goal of eradicating the majority of souls on the planet. Th less we do to assist these prigs in this pursuit the better it will be for the other 99%.

  3. Dude On Bike

    Electric cars represent environmental masturbation!

    A neighbor of mine used to commute by bike and public transportation. Then a job offer from a town an hour away came along. This neighbor is now commuting 80 miles and two hours a day by car. But it's in an electric car, so it's "green." The neighbor's solar panels charge the car, so it's noble, environmental transportation, right?

    Or is it? The old four-cylinder that was sold was cleared out so the new EV could take its place. More solar panels went on the roof to meet the greater electricity need. But how much solar PV needs to fill up that car and over how much time to offset the new carbon of the brand new, shiny car and solar panels?

    What this country SHOULD be doing is retrofitting all the current internal combustion engine vehicles with electric motors. Gas tanks replaced with batteries. THIS would greatly reduce oil consumption while also preserving the vehicles we already have on the road. In other words, don't waste resources replacing perfectly good cars and trucks.

    But it won't happen. You think Chevy wants to sell $5k electric motor mods or $35k new cars?

    And you think Average Joe American wants to dump $5k into the old jalopy when a shiny, new car is on offer?

    Accept the fact that our selfishness and profit motive will derail any and all attempts at addressing climate change. Just like when you fool yourself with that "green kitchen remodel;" it's nothing of the sort. It's just more American consumption under the guise of "environmental consciousness." Don't fool yourself.

    !Earth First! We'll clearcut, strip mine and over-consume the other planets later!

  4. Vicki Diana Coghlan

    The 2 pluses I like about electric vehicles is 1. They are quietier compared to the disgusting noisey combustion engine and 2. No emiting pollution.
    The down side is the cost of an electric vehicle. I will buy one if they can be purchased at an afforable price. Right now they are too fucking expensive.

  5. angslycke

    I believe that more electric cars prove Teslas mission and will help them accelerate their sales as well.

    These cars will have to compete with Tesla Model Y as well and Teslas unique charging network.

  6. Rejuvem

    Honestly I don't see any Challenge from any of these cars to the Tesla Model 3. Think about it, for about the same price would you rather a Model 3 or a Nissan Leaf, or Kia? The other companies don't even have a decent charging network in place. You're basically comparing a luxury vehicle to economy cars.

  7. Googadis Beotches

    People don't buy Tesla vehicles because they're environmentally friendly… their main selling point is in overall comparison to all other vehicles, whether explosion engine flammable liquid vehicles or electric vehicles, the Tesla is far superior. Anyone who promotes anything other than a Tesla are fanboys, or paid off by big oil or big manufacturers. Why else would people want to support inferior vehicles other than they have outdated or deficient minds.
    Even people who are saving up to buy a Tesla are incredibly smart.

    Edit: OK people with much lesser needs go with cheaper EVs so it's not exactly unwise. It's just since other new EVs are not quite as good as a 7yr old Tesla why not just buy a used Tesla unless again your needs are so small you can go with the cheaper brand new other EV. OK Korean EVs seems to be the best bet.

  8. jim Curtis


  9. BartBart22

    EV cars are coming and there will be a host of new and current auto manufacturers meeting the market demand but seeing how this forum like every other EV forum I read devolves into a Tesla love and or hate fest I personally think one of the most if not the most important fact to consider in the debate is that Tesla pays it's assembly workers, Production Associate is their preferred term, around U$16/hr with limited benefits. That's half of what the big 3 US automaker pay and 1/4 the average German auto worker (German figures from 2010 see link below). In addition VW workers in Germany where the VW ID.3 will be made get at least 6 weeks paid vacation per year and a host of health and other benefits, Tesla grudgingly offers two weeks and limited benefits. US workers would plotz if they saw that kind of remuneration. Further to that the list of top paid CEO was recently released and Elon Musk at $2.3B is in at #1, not only is he the most highly paid CEO in the world if you would have to add the next ranked 63 or so CEO's salaries together to match Musk's $2.3B. & . Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me so ask yourself who is building the future that you would like to see?

  10. Tony Gill

    I so badly want to get an EV but infrastructure is currently an issue. I reckon I will take the risk in 2020 regardless and get the model s but hopefully there are less gas stations and more supercharging stations by that time.

  11. ghghh uggg

    All i care about is reliability and longevity. Tired of fixing these unreliable cars. I need a company focus on those two things as well as making it easy to maintain.

  12. Ronald Garrison

    The narration on these videos is weird. The speaker clearly has a normal British accent, but appears to be reading from a script written by someone who is not a native English speaker.

  13. Bald Zeus

    Had the pleasure of seeing the Polestar 2 in person and even sit in it last week during their tourstop in Stockholm. Beautiful car, looks even better in person

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