Top 5 Ways To Use Your Echo Show

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In this video, you’ll learn how to use Alexa and your Echo Show, Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 to help make life easier, like:
● Cook along with Echo Show
● Play your favorite songs everywhere with Amazon Music
● Use your Echo Show like a digital picture frame
● See who’s at your front door by connecting Alexa with your Ring Video Doorbell
● Keep in touch with video calls

Use these tips on the following Alexa devices:
Echo Show:
Echo Show 5:
Echo Show 8:

23 Replies to “Top 5 Ways To Use Your Echo Show”

  1. SGV Pipe

    “ alexa!” Show me my contacts! still no success 7 days after we got it… the sweet lil lady in the “ Philippines” sez “ we’re still working on it” can’t they just send us a new updated one? I phone 8 compatible or not?

  2. Blake Swart

    OMG! Could this have been any more goofy?? I don't think so. Why make me suffer through this crap to see what my device does. I think I'll make my own, fast, direct and informative video. Whoever wrote this script…… please seek phycological help!

  3. Sherard

    They really don’t look like actors at all! I can only imagine the lights go off in their bedroom and when they come up she has an amazing mani and pedi!

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