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  1. roksoulja84

    Zelda franchise ALWAYS has been (breath of the wild is debatable however) and have been under the ACTION ADVENTURE genre just like God of War series or Tomb Raider series or Uncharted series etc etc….

  2. Laurelindo

    I really like action-RPGs where you gain Levels.
    There is something wonderfully addictive about fighting enemies like in a Zelda game and also getting EXP Points from the enemies, like in "Secret Of Mana" for example.

  3. Derek Washuck

    Secret of mana is actually up to 3 players with a multi tap on an emulator also saken dusetsu 3 or as English speaking people call it secret of mana 2 you can buy a repo cart that fits a ntsc snes and has the English language text as well as title screen as well as is upgraded to 3 players from 2 because the rom has been pached and burned so you can play it on the original hardware not just an emulator also you can get terranigma the third part of the soul blazer and illusion of guia serries that was only released in Europe on a repo ntsc cart as well as turn based rpgs that were only released in Japan like star ocean and tales of phantasia that have the English patches already installed on a ntsc snes cart and you can get professional Rom hacks of your favorite games with new equipment and items and maps and missions or quests on ntsc snes carts also you can get famous games that were only released in Japan for the broadcast satellite system in parts that have become put together into full English language games with no timers and the original characters not the broadcast satellite avatar characters on repo ntsc snes carts like b.s. Zelda which is a remake of the original 8 bit game for 16 bit with all new maps and npcs and items and quests and story's as well as b.s. Zelda a link to the past and the ancient ston tablets and a b.s. crono trigger game that bridges the gap between crono trigger and crono cross as well as home brews for the snes that are actually well made and have taken years to make ! check out a UK site called flashback games I think or something like that there prices are reasonable !

  4. BroHomeless

    I saw an article about Legend of Zelda just now and for the first time since I was a kid I remembered this RPG game I used to love playing but couldnt remember its name. I googled "SNES games like Zelda" and alas, found this video and there it is, Secret of Mana. thanks

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