Top 5 Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit – iHome vs iDevices vs Koogeek vs Incipio vs Elgato

Looking to get the most out of your home? Or save a few bucks on your energy bill? You might want to get a smart plug. But which one?

I can definitely help you figure out which smart plug to get since I’ve been using several over the last few months.

Here’s the list…if you need more details, scroll down:

#5 KooGeek SmartPlug
#4 Incipio CommandKit
#3 Elgato Eve Energy
#2 iDevices Switch
#1 iHome iSP8

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#5 KooGeek SmartPlug

The only thing really going for the KooGeek SmartPlug is the price. On average, it’s $10 dollars cheaper which may seem attractive at first but it’s the only plug on this list that doesn’t have energy monitoring. Which might not be a big deal if all you’re doing is using the plug to control a lamp.

The App itself isn’t as well developed as the other brands and their Apple Watch app is quite unusable in my opinion. But again, its’ $10 dollars cheaper than the average plug so you get what you pay for?

#4 Incipio CommandKit

Incipio’s CommandKit Smart Plug is quite large but unlike the KooGeek, won’t completely render your outlet useless if you plug it into the bottom plug.

The CommandKit app is probably one of the worst apps we’ve used as it crashes on certain devices and doesn’t show all the compatible HomeKit devices in your home.

#3 Elgato Eve Energy

I personally like Elgato’s Eve lineup. The Eve Energy is the only plug on this list that’s works on Bluetooth which might be consideration for those whose WiFi is spotty. It also means the smart plug is a little slower when it comes to turning on and off. The manual power button on the unit is quite small so this smart plug will work well for application where you don’t need to manually power on.

If you’re looking to use a smart plug with a large appliance like a dehumidifier, I definitely recommend getting the Eve energy as the sister app allows you to track energy usage over time. The majority of the apps do not graph usage over time. Over time tracking is important for other things such as the air quality of the Eve room sensor.

This smart plug scores lower than the other two because it only works with HomeKit. The top 2 plugs score higher because of the added compatibility with other systems so if you’re building a smart home only on Apple’s HomeKit, this smart plug is going to be worth getting.

#2 iDevices Switch

iDevice’s Switch is going to be the best switch for use in a bathroom where hair appliances are constantly being plugged in. Why? Because the plug is on the side so it doesn’t get in the way as much and the button on the smart plug is quite large. It also comes with a night light so it helps with ensuring you don’t hurt yourself during your sleepy time #1’s. It also doesn’t block the second plug which is handy as well.

My only issue with the Switch was that re-adding the smart plug to my home sometimes didn’t work. This shouldn’t be an issue for most people if all you’re doing is leaving it plugged in. This Switch isn’t going to be my goto product for a portable plug scenario.

The app isn’t anything special but the Apple Watch companion app is one of the better ones that I’ve used. The Switch works with Amazon Alexa which is nice if you’re running both smart home networks.

#1 iHome iSP8

The standout feature for the iHome iSP8 plug is the fact that it works with almost every smart home protocol. Now if you’re only running HomeKit, that won’t matter much.

The plug is small enough that it doesn’t block the second outlet, it comes with a remote that’ doesn’t require line of site so this is a great plug for use with larger appliances in my opinion. It also has energy monitoring which is helpful to see how much energy the appliance is using.

The iSP8 plug is also the only plug that can be accessed remotely WITHOUT an Apple TV though you have to sign up with iHome. That wouldn’t be too bad but you need to sign up with iHome if you want to change the settings on the plug which is a dick move in my opinion. There is an Apple Watch companion app which gets the job done.

With all things considered, the iHome iSP8 is probably the most versatile smart plug on this list so if you’re just dabbling with Smart Home products and haven’t fully committed to Apple HomeKit or Google Home or Amazon Alexa, this plug is for you.

So that’s it. Again, if this video was helpful, consider getting your smart plugs through my links. Questions? Leave them below! or ask me during my live stream on my other channel, MobileReviewsEh.

40 Replies to “Top 5 Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit – iHome vs iDevices vs Koogeek vs Incipio vs Elgato”

  1. Aaron Stone

    I'm surprised you ranked the ihome as number 1. I bought both the outdoor version and the indoor version. The app failed many many times before the outdoor one eventually would pair. Took probably at least 2 hours of time to get it working. Then the indoor kit wouldn't pair at all even though I could see it on my wifi and ping it the app always showed it as offline. It also took many hours and pairing failures just to get it into that state. I eventually returned it.

  2. N English

    Trouble is, it's a crapshoot because most of them are made in the same chinese factory and renamed all over amazon. You almost have to pay the premium prices just to make sure you have a chance at support. Amazon prime pay for itself in case of the cheapos.

  3. dankurydotcom

    thanks for the review, but please introduce us to your FANTASTIC Schanuzer. That doggie loves you so much!!! And, I will watch and subscribe if you hug him at the end of your videos 🙂

  4. Steven McGurn

    Any issues with the wifi devices on google wifi? I know the gwifi switches to less busy frequency based on scans every 5 minutes. I’m worried that wifi switches on my network could be off the grid if the router switches to 5ghz.

  5. Chris

    IHome has recently had several outages and that has rendered their smart outlets dumb. Integration during these outages cause Google Home and Amazon Echo integration to fail. HomeKit integration continues to work however. This illustrates the importance of buying a HomeKit compatible product! Don’t buy the iHome however, I regret purchasing my 3 outlets.

  6. Anthony Melidy

    I was looking at the Elgato. I do not plan to turn a device on or off. I do not specifically care about energy usage. I want to know at what time a device turns on and off. It may only be on for 45 seconds or 10 minutes. It is OK if it records to the minute and the on and off are the same. At least I will know that the appliance went on. I supposed I could use energy information and use rating on appliance to find out approximate duration.

    Device may go on every half hour or hour some days and not at all on others.

    Does this record date and time info that might help me.

  7. Abdullah Almarshad

    I would buy non HomeKit plug and using Homebridge to make it available on HomeKit rather than buying HomeKit certified one. The difference is huge in price. I’m using broadlink that I bought for $17

  8. Giovanni Turco

    All ways the Americans have the good smart plugs they can be use for HomeKit and Amazon echo the the United Kingdom they are crap they don’t work on HomeKit I have to change one or two UK socket to the American ones soon I can order these from they will deliver to the UK

  9. Miguel Angelo Conceicao

    Bluetooth vs Wifi.
    Which protocol is better for HomeKit smartplugs?
    I was thinking of getting the Eve Energy but I found out that it only supports Bluetooth, meaning:
    1) Bluetooth range is very limited so I would have to keep it fairly close to my Apple TV, which acts as a bluetooth hub, bridging it over to my internal network. This would allow me to access the Eve Energy via Wifi anywhere in my home (or in the world for that matter). But still the issue here is that the Eve Energy would have to be in bluetooth range of my Apple TV, so I can't just plug it anywhere 🙁
    2) Is Bluetooth as fast as Wifi? I've read elsewhere that there might be latency issues with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. When comparing these smartplugs did you notice these latency issues on the Eve Energy and/or the other Elgato Eve products (as they also only support BLE)?

  10. Tucson Don

    What a piece of Junk! That's the company's perspective; not mine.
    I have monitors and plugs that became junk when the company rewrote the app that was not compatible with my Android 4.4.4. My entire system became useless. Their position is that I should buy a device that runs Android 6+. But, if I do that, they may rewrite the app again to make my stuff obsolete again. No consumer protection with this company.

  11. johnnygoodface

    Just FYI: Even Homekit protocol (which is one of the most secure) enables a communication between your device and the company's servers. For example August Lock tech support team can access and control my lock from one of the August computers! And that's ok and normal. What's more secure about Homekit protocol is that it uses a 3,072-bit key, and Curve25519 (an elliptic curve for signatures and key exchange)! Very impressive and secure!

  12. Sarah Riddle

    Hey! I’m going to be pursuing making my home a smart home and I just want to say that your videos are a blessing! You put everything into simple laid out facts and experiences and it makes it so much easier to decide what base I should go with. I’m definitely leaning towards Apple. When I get around to purchasing all my needed equipment, I hope we can get in contact so I can purchase all equipment through your links 🙂 you deserve it !

  13. Junior Shepherd

    Good review. Love the dog! By the way i have tried the iHome plug and while it works well there is one annoying bug that the iHome refuses to fix and that is the firmware update bug. After using the iHome plug, there is a permanent notification in my HomeKit app to "update" the firmware of this device. When i go to the app, and perform a firmware check, i am told that the latest firmware is already installed.

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